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Main Awards 1993-2021 Great Prize Cidade Vila do Conde [CI] Great Prize International Competition [F] Great Prize Fiction [D] Great Prize Documentary [A] Great Prize Animation [CI] Audience Award Fricon [EUR] Vila do Conde Short Film Candidate to the European Film Awards [PT] Prize Best Portuguese Short Film [PC] Prize Best Film of Portuguese Competition Escola das Artes, Universidade Católica Portuguesa [PC] Audience Award Canon [PC] Prize Best Portuguese Director Kino Sound Studio [EXP] Great Prize Experimental Competition [EXP] Prize Best Film of Experimental Competition Centro de Arte Oliva [EXP] Honorable Mention Experimental Competition [TO] Take One! Prize [TO] Prize Best Portuguese Director Take One! Blit [CRT] Curtinhas Prize [CRT] Honorable Mention M/3 Honorable Mention [CRT] Honourable Mention M/6 [CRT] Honorable Mention M/10 [MG] My Generation [MV] Prize Best Film of Music Videos Competition [EUR] Best European Short Film [CI] Audience Award [PT] Prize Best Portuguese Short Film First Film, Fiction or Real Image Young Portuguese Director Prize AIP for Best Cinematography Best Cinematography Best Actress Best Actor [TO] Best Director [TO] Best Director [TOEU] Melhor Filme Prize Canal + Audience Award [pt] [PT] Audience Award “SPA – Sociedade Portuguesa de Autores” Honorable Mention (Actor) Best Portuguese Film Fiction (+45') [CI] Audience Award Jury's Special Award Best Portuguese Film Fiction (-45') [AUD] Audience Award Poças [CN] Prémio Movistar+ [TO!] Hounorable Mention TO!