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Main Awards 1995
  • [CI] Great Prize International Competition
    ALPSEE, Matthias Müller, Germany  
  • [F] Great Prize Fiction
    SOME FOLKS CALL IT A SLING BLADE, George Hickenlooper, USA  
  • [D] Great Prize Documentary
    PRAMIS, Laila Pakalnina, Lithuania  
  • [A] Great Prize Animation
    GAGARIN, Alexei Kharitidi, Russia  
  • Honorable Mention
    THE SMELL OF BURNING ANTS, Jay Rosenblatt, USA  
  • [CI] Audience Award
    AMOR, José Roberto Torero, Brazil  
  • [PT] Prize Best Portuguese Short Film
    MERGULHO NO ANO NOVO, Marco Martins, João Braz, Portugal