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Main Awards 2013
  • Great Prize Cidade Vila do Conde
    CAROSELLO, Jorge Quintela, Portugal  
  • [F] Great Prize Fiction
    LÁGY ESO, Dénes Nagy, Hungary  
  • [D] Great Prize Documentary
    BUENOS DIAS RESISTENCIA, Adrián Orr, Spain  
  • [A] Great Prize Animation
    GLORIA VICTORIA, Theodore Ushev, Canada  
  • [EXP] Great Prize Experimental Competition
    I AM MICRO, Shai Heredia, India  
  • [TO] Take One! Prize
    RHOMA ACANS, Leonor Teles, Portugal  
  • [CRT] Curtinhas Prize
    ROOM ON THE BROOM, Max Lang, United Kingdom  
  • Honorable Mention
    NYUSZI ÉS ÖZ, Péter Vácz, Hungary  
  • Honorable Mention
    THE SMORTLYBACKS, Ted Sieger, Switzerland  
  • Honorable Mention
    GAMBOZINOS, João Nicolau, Portugal  
  • [EUR] Best European Short Film
    CUT, Christoph Girardet, Germany  
  • [CI] Audience Award
    PENNY DREADFUL, Shane Atkinson, USA  
  • [PT] Prize Best Portuguese Short Film
    REI INÚTIL, Telmo Churro, Portugal  
  • Prize Canal +
    REI INÚTIL, Telmo Churro, Portugal  
  • Audience Award [pt]
    LUMINITA, André Marques, Portugal