"Anyhow, Anyway" at Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival

16 December 2020
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"Anyhow, Anyway" directed by Catarina Romano is selected for the International Competition in Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival.

The short film “Anyhow, Anyway”, by Catarina Romano is selected for the International Competition at the 43rd edition of Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival, which takes place from January 29 to February 6, 2021, in France.


"Anyhow, Anyway" is about a woman who is confined to her home. She is unemployed, as if exiled from the opportunities of her time. She goes through cycles of precarity, ever faster, ever closer, encapsulating her like the ripple of a stone in a waterhole. Waves come to meet her, repeating themselves, besieging her.
This film, produced by AIM - Animation Studios and distributed by Agência - Portuguese Short Film Agency, was selected, in October, for the National Competition of Curtas Vila do Conde.


Clermont-Ferrand is one of the most important festivals in Europe, dedicated to short films. With regard to the presence of professionals in the field, it is the second largest festival in France, preceded only by Cannes Film Festival. In the last edition, more than 172,500 entries were registered and 3600 professionals participated in the festival.


According to the festival organization, in the present edition, there were almost 7000 short film submissions and only 77 were selected. "Anyhow, Anyway" is the only Portuguese film in the International Competition.


More informations here.

"Name Above Title" at the Sevilla Festival

12 November 2020
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"Name Above Title", the most recent film by Carlos Conceição, was selected for the competitive section "Permanent Revolutions" at the 17th edition of the Sevilla Festival, to be held from 6-14th November. 

After premiering at the 28th edition of Curtas Vila do Conde - International Film Festival, "Name Above Title" has its international premiere at Sevilla Festival.

With an original title inspired by the gialli - a sub-genre of Italian horror very popular in the 70's - the satire follows Candice, a Candide a cold and seductive serial killer that falls in love with a girl who just committed suicide. The film shows little more than 24 hours in the life of the protagonist whose peaceful life is transformed by an accident that turns him into an instant social network star.

Written and directed by Carlos Conceição,  "Name Above Title" fits into the visual and narrative universe created by the filmmaker, in which symbolic fetishism and sadism stand out as well as the lugubrious ambiences and the subversive surrealist tone. 
"In our times, videos shared on social media often present themselves as unquestionable truths, but it's very frequent that another perspective, showing one or two seconds more, radically changes the narrative." - says Carlos Conceição - "As citizens/spectators, we are permanently invited to do the editing and re-learn the world that way".

Carlos Conceição is a regular presence at Vila do Conde – where he has been an author In Focus (2019), a member of the Take One! competition jury (2014), and premiered several of his works, such as “Serpentarius” (2019) and “Bad Bunny” (2017)

"Our Kingdom" at the Torino Film Festival

11 November 2020
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"Our Kingdom", Luis Costa's latest short film, will have its italian premiere at the 38th edition of the Torino Film Festival to be held from November 20-28, in Turin.

Produced by Bando À Parte and distributed by the Agência - Portuguese Short Film Agency "Our Kingdom", directed by Luís Costa, which had its world premiere at the 28th Curtas Vila do Conde - International Film Festival, being also selected for the Festival du Nouveau Cinema in Montreal, is inspired by the novel of the same name by Valter Hugo Mãe. The film is set in a wonderful kingdom, where the Devil supposedly does not exist and a child wanders through a granite village.


"Creating a film from a previous work always presupposes a natural challenge to manage the reference and the distance from it". - explains Luís Costa - "Even though it does not formally follow the narrative structure of Valter's book, "Our Kingdom" tries to compose a kind of visual poem that carries the weight of the literary work, working the idea of a suspended time and space through the characters and the universe that surrounds them".


“Our Kingdom” marked the return of Luís Costa to Curtas Vila do Conde, where he previously presented “The Everlasting Man” (2017, National Competition), “Fontelonga” (2013, Take One!), and the Super8 music video “Bearbug” (2017, codirected by Miguel da Santa). 


The Torino Film Festival was established in 1982 by Professor Gianni Rondolino and has, since, occupied a fundamental place in the international panorama, promoting new ways of making Cinema. Throughout its history, the festival has celebrated emergent talents such as Luca Guadagnino, Nicholas Winding Refn, Miguel Gomes, and many others. In its 38th edition, the festival will take place online.

"Uncle Thomas, Accounting for the days" EFA finalist

10 November 2020
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"Uncle Thomas, Accounting for the days", Regina Pessoa's latest film is one of the five nominees in the category of Best European Short Film at the 33rd edition of the European Film Academy (EFA) Awards.

"Uncle Thomas, Accounting for the days" is being promoted and distributed by the Short Film Agency, with a co-production between the Portuguese Ciclope Filmes, the Canadian ONF / NFB and the French Les Amateurs, which also had an important role in the production of Phil Davies. The film is a touching tribute to an everyday poet and a testament to the director's love for her eccentric uncle. The 13-minute film combines various animation techniques such as stop-motion and digital animated engraving. "That means a lot to me, coming from a dysfunctional family in a lost village in a small country like ours." - says Regina Pessoa. "It has been a long and arduous journey since I started drawing as a child and I thank all those who helped me on this path, both professionally and personally. Above all, I dedicate all my love and thanks to my uncle Tomás, who this film is dedicated to, a humble and somewhat eccentric man who has lived a simple and anonymous life. It is not necessary to be a famous person to become important in our lives."

Candidates for the EFA award in the short film category are selected in partnership with 24 European film festivals, with Curtas Vila do Conde being the network's Portuguese event. In each festival, the jury chooses the best European short film in competition, with “Uncle Thomas, Accounting for the days" getting its nomination at the Riga International Film Festival, in Latvia. This nomination marks the first trip to the European Film Academy Awards for Regina Pessoa, renowned director of "The Night" (1999), "Tragic Story with Happy Ending" (2005), and "Kali, the little vampire" (2012).

The winners will be revealed during the EFA virtual ceremony at 7 pm on 10 December, after voting for the 3800 members of the academy.

Curtas travels around the country with award-winning films

14 October 2020
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The 28th edition of Curtas Vila do Conde - International Film Festival ended last October 11th, with the closing ceremony and announcement of the awarded films. This year, as in the previous ones, Curtas Vila do Conde tours the country again with a selection of some of the best films of this edition. The "Best of Curtas" will screened some of the awarded films, and the "Curtinhas" session, dedicated to the youngest, is composed of small and fun films thought for the whole family.

The extensions of the 28th Curtas Vila do Conde depart on October 15th and will last until February 2021, in different cities throughout the country: Lisbon, Porto, Silves, Vila Real, Viseu, Odivelas, Madeira, Pombal and Évora.

In the program "Best of Curtas" will be presented the films "Elo" by Alexandra Ramires (winner of the prize for Best Animation), "Hidden" by Jafar Panahi (winner of the prize for Best Documentary), "Dustin" by Naïla Guiguet (winner of the prize for Best Fiction) and "Physique De La Tristesse" by Theodore Ushev ( winner of the prize for Public).

For the little ones, the session "Curtinhas" presents a selection of this festival competition where the jury itself is composed of children: "Au Large" by Mathilde Pepinster, "Black & White" by Jesús Pérez and Gerd Gockell, "The Witch and the Baby" and "O 28" by Otalia Caussé, Geoffroy Collin, Louise Grardel, Antoine Marchand, Robin Merle and Fabien Meyran, "Tobi and the Turbobus" by Verena Fels, Marc Angele, "Mathilda and the Spare Head" by Ignas Meilunas and "Luce & Me" by Isabella Salvetti.


In Lisbon and Porto, the Cinemateca Portuguesa and the Cinema Trindade, after having received the 17 films of the National Competition, are now showing a special program of two sessions. At the Cinemateca Portuguesa, the first session includes the films "Noite Turva" by Diogo Salgado, "O Rio Invisível" by Pham Ngoc Lân, "Dustin" by Naïla Guiguet, "Hidden" by Jafar Panahi. At Trindade Cinema, the program aligns with "Our Kingdom" by Luis Costa, "The Invisible River" by Pham Ngoc Lân, "Dustin" by Naïla Guiguet, "Hidden" by Jafar Panahi. The second session, scheduled at the Cinemateca Portuguesa and Cinema Trindade, includes "Elo" by Alexandra Ramires, "South" by Morgan Quaintance and "Physique De La Tristesse" by Theodore Ushev.

Extensions Calendar:


Cinemateca Portuguesa

15, 16 Oct - Special Program


Cinema Trindade

19, 20 Oct - Special Program


Teatro Mascarenhas Gregório

24 Oct - "Best of Curtas”, “Curtinhas”


Shortcutz Vila Real

3 Nov - "Best of Curtas”


Shortcutz Viseu

6 Nov - "Best of Curtas”


Centro Cultural Malaposta

Dec - "Best of Curtas"


Screenings Funchal

5 Dec - "Best of Curtas”


Auditório Municipal de Pombal

13, 20, 27 Feb 2021 - "Best of Curtas”, "My Generation", "Curtinhas”"


Direção Regional da Cultura do Alentejo

19, 20 Feb 2021 - "Best of Curtas”, "My Generation", "Curtinhas”

Awards 28th Curtas Vila do Conde

11 October 2020
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The 28th edition of Curtas Vila do Conde was announced today at the closing ceremony of the festival. "The Unseen River" by Vietnamese Pham Ngoc Lân was the winner of the International Competition Great Prize. In the National Competition the big winner of the Best Film Award was Diogo Salgado with "Noite Turva". Discover the remaining winners below.




Best film in competition, worth 2.000 euros

Pham Ngoc Lân · Vietname/Laos · 2020 · FIC · 23’


Prizes for the best film in competition in each category



Alexandra Ramires · Portugal/França · 2020 · ANI · 12’ 


Jafar Panahi · França/Irão · 2020 · DOC · 19’


Naïla Guiguet · França · 2020 · FIC · 20’



For the film of the International Competition with the best average vote in the audience poll


Theodore Ushev · Canadá · 2019 · ANI · 27’





2.000 euros


Prize Pixel Bunker

2.500 euros, in services, sponsored by Pixel Bunker Lda

Diogo Salgado · Portugal · 2020 · FIC · 14’


PRIZE Kino Sound Studio

4.000 euros in post-production services awarded to the best director, sponsored by Kino Sound Studio


Sandro Aguilar · Portugal/Canadá · 2020 · DOC · 30’



SPA – Sociedade Portuguesa de Autores

For the film in the Portuguese Competition with the best average vote in the audience poll, 1.500 euros, sponsored by SPA - Sociedade Portuguesa de Autores



Luís Costa · Portugal · 2020 · FIC · 15’



One of the jury awards will be chosen as candidate to the nominees for the European Film Awards, short film category



Denise Fernandes · Portugal/Suíça · 2020 · FIC · 18’



The best film in the Take One! Competition will be awarded the following prizes:


PRIZE Showreel

1.500 euros in services and rental of equipment, sponsored by Showreel


PRIZE Instituto Português do Desporto e da Juventude

600 euros, sponsored by the Instituto Português do Desporto e da Juventude (IPDJ)


PRIZE Restart

Training and/or means of production and post-production with technical equipment or spaces, 500 euros, at Restart


PRIZE Agência da Curta Metragem

The awarded film will be distributed and promoted by Agência - Portuguese Short Film Agency, including its submission (and respective fees) to an international circuit of film festivals. 

Francisco Dias · Portugal · 2020 · DOC · 9’
Escola das Artes – Universidade Católica Portuguesa

Honourable Mention:

Afonso Rapazote, Bernardo Rapazote · Portugal · 2020 · FIC · 29’
Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema


Prize for the best portuguese director, 2.000 euros, in services, sponsored by Blit

Lucas Tavares · Portugal · 2020 · DOC/EXP · 7’
Ubi Cinema – Universidade da Beira Interior



PRIZE Coloreffects

For the best film in the Music Videos Competition, Sony equipment (Camera + lens),  worth approximately 1,150 euros, offered by Coloreffects

Pedro Coquenão, Manuel Lino · Portugal · 2020 · 3’




PRIZE Experimental

Para o melhor filme da Competição Experimental

For the best film in the Experimental Competition


Morgan Quaintance · Reino Unido · 2020 · DOC/EXP · 28’




For the best film in the Curtinhas Competition, elected by a group of thirteen children, aged between 8 and 12



Taylor Meacham · EUA · 2020 · ANI · 7’


Menção honrosa M/3


Jesús Pérez, Gerd Gockell · Suíça/Alemanha · 2020 · ANI · 5’


Menção honrosa M/6


Verena Fels, Marc Angele · Alemanha · 2019 · ANI/FIC · 7’


Menção honrosa M/10


Isabella Salvetti · Itália · 2019 · FIC · 10’




The film with the best average resulting from audience voting in the festival and high school screenings will be the winner of My Generation



Arvin Kananian · Suécia · 2020 · FIC · 15'

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