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July 9 : Day Highlights

9 July 2013
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On this Tuesday, the festival is filled with competitive sessions: international, Portuguese and Take One! are screened during the day. But the highlight belongs to the film-concert with two films by Paulo Abreu: first with Vítor Rua and then with the duo Rita Redshoes and The Legendary Tigerman (who thus return to Curtas!). Also on Tuesday, begins the Meetings With Directos.

The film-concert is the center of the Festival night (00:00, Room 1). Paulo Abreu directed two silent films in 2012, for which were composed original soundtracks. This is the sound that is now presented live, first with Vítor Rua and immediately afterwards with Rita Redshoes and The Legendary Tigerman. Both have provided memorable evenings and the least expected is a great concert!

However, the night of Tuesday presents the premiere of the Portuguese Competition (21:00, Room 1), with films by Paul D'Alva, Sérgio Ribeiro, Filipa César and Ivo M. Ferreira. The history of last year Portuguese cinema begins to be written. Soon after, the International Competition (22:30, Room 1) continues with the second session of films (among which are the new short-films by Betrand Mandico and Yann Gonzalez, both already winners in previous editions).

During the morning and afternoon, continues the European Panorama (dedicated to Romania, 11:00, Room Two) and the second and final session of the Take One! Competition (18:30, Room Two). At 16:00, the Curtas Lounge receives Gonçalo Tocha, João Pedro Rodrigues, João Rui Guerra da Mata, Felipe Bragança and André Tentúgal to talk about the experience of Estaleiro films.