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July 11 : Day Highlights

11 July 2013
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The sixth day of Curtas Vila do Conde consists of several competitive sessions. In addition, at night, the classic cinema of John Ford is presented with a live soundtrack by Zelig. The day also features another Bill Morrison In Focus session.

The competition has red hot sessions with the International Competition (17:00, Room 1, 22:30, Room 1) Experimental (18:30, Room 2) and Portuguese (21:00, Room 1). These sessions screen several returning authors (and even some already awarded): Christoph Girardet, Matthias Müller, João Viana, João Pedro Rodrigues, João Nicolau, Chris Landreth and Siegfried Fruhauf.

In the evening a newly restored classic by John Ford, "Bucking Broadway" (1917), is set to live music by Zelig (band consists of former elements of Ornatos Violeta and Pluto). It is an excellent opportunity to see a silent western (00:00, Room 1)! Bill Morrison, author of In Focus, will present a masterclass, showing two short films (15:00, Room 2).

Even today, Poland presents films in the European Panorama (11:00, Room 2) and the Meetings with Directors also continue, at 16:00 in the Curtas Lounge (with André Guiomar, Pedro Caeiro, David Bonneville and André Marques).