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Lambchop at Curtas Vila do Conde

7 May 2015
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The American band Lambchop is going to perform at Curtas Vila do Conde - International Film Festival in July in a film-concert that sets the start of the band's European tour.  The group lead by Kurt Wagner will hit the stage on the last day of the Festival, 12th July, at 22:00 at Teatro Municipal de Vila do Conde. It will be one of the band's rare performances in Portugal.


The Nashville band known for their alternative country-rock sound and gloomy tone is going to score live a Bill Morrison film produced by Curtas Metragens CRL. Using his found footage re-montage technique, Morrison takes a trip through Portuguese silent films between 1910 and 1930, making use of the abundant archive of the Cinemateca Portuguesa. It will be the world premiere of this filmmaker's surprising work. 


On the second part of the show Lambchop fans will have the opportunity to listen to some of the band's songs. With over two decades and 11 studio albums Lambchop stands out internationally by defying conventions with a mix of rhythms and experiences that result in unique performances of rare beauty.  


Tickets cost between 12 and 18 euros and are already available at Bilheteira Online and at the Teatro Municipal. 

Lambchop's concert is a part of Curtas Vila do Conde's Stereo section, endorsed by FNAC. In this film-concert section, bands are invited to score and perform live, merging film and music. For the 23rd edition several shows from various musical genres are already confirmed  with artists like You Can’t Win, Charlie Brown; Frankie Chavez; Garcia da Selva (with guest Norberto Lobo) and  Bruno Pernadas & Ensemble.


Portuguese band You Can't Win, Charlie Brown is going to score a 1914 silent film called "War is Hell" (Maudite soit la guerre) directed by Alfred Machin. The film, a unique hand-painted copy, tells the amazing story of war's rivalry and an impossible love. Frankie Chavez will continue the stroll through history scoring Allan Dwan's film "The Good Bad Man" dated from 1916. The work starred by Douglas Fairbanks scrolls the American West history and was supervised by D.W. Griffith. Bruno Pernadas Quinteto in turn, will perform over a Buster Keaton classic film, "Steamboat Bill, Jr.", dated from 1928. These three shows are also Curtas' homage to the history of Cinema. Garcia da Selva, along with Norberto Lobo will score a selection of film excerpts called "Framed by a Second", built from material from authors such as Cláudia Varejão, Gabriel Abrantes, João Nicolau, João Onofre, Julião Sarmento, Miguel Soares, Natcho Xeca, Salomé Lamas, Sandro Aguilar e André Trindade.


Also in this framework, we would like to outline the Music Video Competition, now centred on Portuguese production. The winner will receive the FNAC Best Music Video Award in the amount of 750 Euros. Constantly trying to keep up with genre evolution and filmmaking, Curtas Vila do Conde has been including in its programme music video screenings from some of the most prominent Portuguese artists who stand out on this field. 



In its 23rd edition Curtas Vila do Conde will continue to present the best of contemporary cinema in special screenings that will be announced soon. The various competitions will continue to offer the Festival's most diversified screenings, expressing the current state of the world through short film. Curtas Vila do Conde will take place between the 4th and 12th July at Teatro Municipal de Vila do Conde. The Festival's free pass is available for 33,75€ until May 31st, and 40,50€ after that date. During the Festival the price rises to 45 euros. This general pass guarantees a 50% discount on tickets to Lambchop's concert and free access to all of the remaining screenings and film-concerts.


Curtas Vila do Conde is supported by Vila do Conde City Council, Secretário de Estado da Cultura, Instituto do Cinema e Audiovisual, Creative Europe - Media Programme and other partners, which were vital to carry out the Festival.