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Films from La Semaine de La Critique available at Festival Scope

19 May 2016
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From 20 to 27 May, several short films from the Official Competition of La Semaine de La Critique of Cannes Film Festival will be available for free online viewing around the world in the public platform of Festival Scope: “En Moi” by Laetitia Casta; “Arnie” by Rina B. Tsou; “Ascensão” by Pedro Peralta; “Campo de Víboras” by Cristèle Alves Meira; “Delusion Is Redemption to Those in Distress” by Fellipe Fernandes; “Birth of Leader” by Antoine de Bary; “Limbo” de Konstantina Kotzamani; “Oh What a Wonderful Feeling” by François Jaros; “In The Year of Monkey” by Wregas Bhanuteja; “The Virgin Soldier” by Erwan Le Duc; “Superbia” by Luca Tóth; “From The Diary of a Wedding Photographer” by Nadav Lapid and “Water Steps” by César Augusto Acevedo.

Only 200 tickets per film will be available worldwide.