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Curtas Vila do Conde marks its 25th anniversary with a special program

22 May 2017
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Curtas Vila do Conde - International Film Festival returns between 8 and 16 of July with a special edition: The 25th anniversary. To mark this date, the festival will present a commemorative program and returns to Auditório Municipal of Vila do Conde, place that witness the birth of the event in 1993.

Throughout these 25 years, Curtas Vila do Conde has been presenting an ecletic programming, screening the major tendencies of contemporary cinema, aiming, at the same time, to be a vanguard festival and also creating an intersection between cinema and other areas of art. In 2017, the festival is preparing a commemorative edition where it still insists on inventing the future, along with celebrating a quarter of a century of history.

One of the initiatives that is part of the 25th anniversary festivities is the presentation of a book that gathers 25 thought, memory and fiction texts, inspired on the experience of their authors at Curtas Vila do Conde. These 25 texts are from 25 individuals from areas such as cinema, music, journalism and literature: José Miguel Gaspar (journalist); Marcos Cruz (journalist), Pedro Marta Santos (writer and journalist); João Lopes (movie critic); Valter Hugo Mãe (writer); Manuela Azevedo (Clã); Eduardo Brito (screenwriter, director and photographer); Francisco Ferreira (movie critic); Inês Meneses (journalist); Inês Nadais (journalist); Jorge Mourinha (journalist); João Faria (designer); Ricardo Alexandre (journalist); Rodrigo Affreixo (journalist); Pedro Paixão (writer); Sabrina Marques (movie critic); Adolfo Luxúria Canibal (Mão Morta); Cláudia Marques Santos (journalist); Miguel Gomes (director); Paulo Furtado (The Legendary Tigerman); Rui Poças (photography director); Tiago Alves (journalist); Daniel Ribas (critic and cinema programmer); António Rodrigues (cinema programmer) e José Vieira Mendes (journalist).

Not just historical visions, these texts are also secrets and memories that intersect with the time at Vila do Conde from each author, as guests and participants of former editions of the festival. Some of those memories bring forth the Auditório Municipal, the place that hosted the first 18 editions of Curtas Vila do Conde and where the festival returns, in 2017. with special sessions, concerts, performances and a photographic exhibition.

Along with the presentation of the book, the 25 authors of each publication where invited to select a film, presented on a previous edition of Curtas Vila do Conde, for a lenghtly Carte Blanche. These choices will be sorted between several film sessions that will screen works from filmmakers like Manoel de Oliveira, Federico Fellini, Jean-Luc Godard, Maya Deren, Artavazd Pelechian, Chris Marker, Hal Hartley, Miguel Gomes, Matthias Müller, Man Ray, Gus Van Sant and João Pedro Rodrigues, amongst others.

As a preview to the festival, on  the 1st of July, Curtas Vila do Conde presents at Cinemateca Portuguesa a special session with a selection of films that are part of this Carte Blanche.

The 25th edition of Curtas Vila do Conde program, that will be announced on the coming weeks, will have as a primary focus the short film competitions - Nationalm International, Experimental, Curtinhas (films to youngsters and children), Take One! (school films) and Music Videos -, a surprising selection of recent films that emerged from different countries. At the In Focus section, the filmography from an acclaimed filmmaker will be screened at the festival. The bold program will, yet again, bet on the intersection between cinema and music at  the Stereo section, where moving images are reinterpreted by bands and musicians in live shows. At Solar - Cinematic Art Gallery, the cinema will be submitted into a gallery context, on a collective exhibition that opens during the festival. Thinking on the public education, Curtas Vila do Conde will promote yet again a film critic workshop and Curtinhas, a section dedicated to the younger audience, with films, ateliers and workshops. The debates with directors and agents of the audiovisual market will still be part of the festival week, providing a space for creative sharing. Also, the usual Panorama sections - Portuguese and European - will screen short films of recent production.

During nine days in July, the festival will be a meeting point between directors, producers, journalists, programmers, students and an enthusiastic audience, on an opportunity to see over 250 films from all around the world and to participate in meetings and debates about the industry with roughly 450 guests and professionals.

The 25th Curtas Vila do Conde has the support from MEDIA/Creative Europe, the municipality of Vila do Conde, from the Ministry of Culture, from the Cinema and Audiovisual Institute (ICA) and several partners, fundamental to the accomplishment of the festival.