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"Terra" exhibition opens on July 8th

26 June 2017
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The Solar Cinematic Art Gallery presents, between July 8 and September 17, "Terra" (translated from the Portuguese as “Earth” but also “land”, “ground” and “soil”), a collective exhibition of a new generation of Portuguese authors: Gabriel Abrantes (in collaboration with Ben Rivers), Priscila Fernandes, Pedro Neves Marques, Joana Pimenta, Lúcia Prancha, Francisco Queimadela and Mariana Caló. 

The theme under which the set of installations is shaped – besides the obvious connotation with environmental issues – refers essentially to the local immersion, in the hometown, of images of the world with close significance to the work of these artists. It reveals, conceptually, a transposition of scale, place and time, as well as a motivation to work either for the cinema black box setting, or for the art gallery space.

Opening simultaneously with the 25th edition of Curtas Vila do Conde IFF and remaining open until September, this collective exhibition includes six site-specific installations, whose starting point are films but that are not necessarily pursued as projections. First, each work was conceived resonating on the land of its origin, on where it was imagined, filmed and created. Secondly, it reflects on the lands where it travels and halts, for a few months at least; inhabiting a space with evidences of its own history from a far or rather recent past (such is the history of exhibitions of the gallery). Therefore, the installations proceed from specific points of the planet, often distant, to be revealed in a specific place where they reach complexion in the whole that forms the Earth (Terra), and contributing as single elements to a wider and multifaceted idea. Solar Cinematic Art Gallery exhibitions have always generated intersections and interactions with the Curtas Vila do Conde International Film Festival program. 

Due to inaugurating by the occasion of the festival opening, it indicates that the exhibition will take benefit of the greater flow of public for the festival, both national and international. This year, along with the great celebration of the 25th anniversary of Curtas Vila do Conde, Solar's exhibition explores an appealing theme, highlighting a new generation of Portuguese artists and filmmakers who have already achieved some national and international reputation.

Adapting the tale "The Hunchback of the One Thousand and One Nights", Gabriel Abrantes e Ben Rivers created a futurist dystopia, a movie that, in this exhibition, is presented as a video installation, in which an omnipresent company forces its employees to participate in emotional reintegration programs, simulating cinematographic periods and genres.

Priscila Fernandes introduces an unheard audio piece, especially produced for Solar, based on a medieval utopy of the Cocanha Country, a place where the food is abundant, the weather is mild and the work unnecessary. The artist transports the imaginary world to nowadays, at a city park, where a crowd walks around it, never finding the entrance.

Pedro Neves Marques presents a video installation, recently produced from images shot at the landscape transformed by the monoculture agriculture of Rio Grande do Sul, in Brazil, and from questions taken from the director's diary: what kind of life are these transgenic seeds? And what does it mean to learn how to live with the enemy?

Joana Pimenta adapts her movie Um Campo de Aviação ( An Aviation Camp) to a video installation: "An aviation camp at an unknown suburb. A lake under the city burns the streets. The mountains throw rocks into the gardens. At the crater of a volcano, a model city is raised and dissolves. Two people meet at this place, separated by fifty years."

Lúcia Prancha takes part in this exhibition with an installation divided in three parts: posters from the movie "The True Sentimental Bitch", a series of sculptures and a video, with the title "SleepWorkers".

Lastly, Mariana Caló e Francisco Queimadela, attracted by the imaginary collective around the figure of the Iberian lynx, traveled around Serra da Malcata, knowing places that have witnessed the disappearance of this figure. The final result is Efeito Orla ( "Orla Effect" ), an installation composed by two synchronous and juxtaposed projections, trying to establish a constant relationship between verticality and gravity, sky and soil, micro and macro scales, inducting feelings that change between the need of contemplation and a state of alertness – an emergency feeling that they associated with the disappearance of the Iberian lynx.

Solar – Cinematic Art Gallery is a structure financed by Câmara Municipal de Vila do Conde, Ministério da Cultura and DGArtes – Direção-Geral das Artes.

08/07 - 17/09/2017 
Solar - Galeria de Arte Cinemática (Cinematic Art Gallery)

Gabriel Abrantes and Ben Rivers 
Priscila Fernandes
Pedro Neves Marques
Joana Pimenta
Lúcia Prancha
Mariana Caló and Francisco Queimadela

Hours: Mon. – Sun. 14:00 – 18:00
During 25th Curtas Vila do Conde (9-16 JUL): 14:00 – 23:00
Free entrance
Opening: Saturday, July 8th, 17:00