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Curtas Vila do Conde at Festival Scope

13 July 2017
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Between the 13th and 30th of July, the online platform Festival Scope will make available, for free, seven films that are part of the 25th Curtas Vila do Conde selection: "Coelho Mau" by Carlos Conceição; "Où En Êtes-Vous, João Pedro Rodrigues?" by João Pedro Rodrigues; "The Watershow Extravaganza" by Sophie Michael; "Burning Mountains That Spew Flame" by Helena Girón and Samuel M. Delgado; "This Is Not an Olive Tree" by Carlos Arteiro; "Chika, the Dog from the Ghetto" by Sandra Scheissl; and "All Small Bodies" by Jennifer Reeder. 

The visualization is free, but limited to 300 tickets per movie.