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3 New Portuguese Short Films in the Theaters

5 September 2017
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The short films "Small Town" by Diogo Costa Amarante, "Bad Bunny" by Carlos Conceição and "Farpões Baldios" by Marta Mateus, awarded and screened in several film festivals, will premiere on September 14 in the portuguese theaters with distribution by Midas Filmes.

"Small Town", by Diogo Costa Amarante, a co-production by Curtas Metragens CRL, won this year's Golden Bear for best short film at the Berlin Film Festival. This programme also includes two films that premiered this year in Cannes: "Bad Bunny", a fiction by Carlos Conceição on the relationship between two brothers, and "Farpões Baldios", the first film of Marta Mateus, which reflects on rurality and work.

The three films were presented at Curtas Vila do Conde - International Film Festival, where Marta Mateus received the Grand Prize of the International Competition.