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Agência da Curta Metragem at Clermont-Ferrand

25 January 2018
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The 40th edition of the Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival starts on February 2, with three Portuguese short films in competition. The Short Film Agency will be present once again at the Festival's Market to promote Portuguese production at one of the most prestigious event dedicated to short films in Europe.

"Coelho Mau", the latest short film by Carlos Conceição, was selected for the National Competition. The film, a Portuguese-French co-production (First Age and Epicenter Films), deals with the relationship between two brothers (João Arrais and Júlia Palha), an absent mother (Carla Maciel) and her lover (Matthieu Charneau), who waver between imminence of death and the astonishment of his desires.

Leonor Noivo's film, "Tudo O Que Imagino", will be featured in the International Competition. The short film, produced by Terratreme Filmes, accompanies a group of friends in the neighborhood of Alcoitão, "BDA", in the period of adolescence, school and last summer before the world of work.

Besides the works by Carlos Conceição and Leonor Noivo, distributed by Agência, the festival of Clermont Ferrand also selected a third Portuguese film: "A Gis" by Thiago Carvalhaes, which will be presented at the International Competition.

In Euro Connection, the European forum for film co-production that takes place every year during the festival of Clermont-Ferrand, Portugal will be represented by director Xá (Alexandra Ramires) with the project "Elo", produced by Bando à Parte. This is the second short film by the filmmaker who performed the animation "Água Mole", with Laura Gonçalves, presented at the Cannes Film Festival.

This platform aims to develop partnerships between producers, investors, sponsors and televisions. Curtas Vila do Conde - International Film Festival and IndieLisboa - International Independent Film Festival are the Portuguese festivals associated with the Euro Connection where, in previous years, projects by Zepe ("The Cycle"), João Vladimiro ("Do Cradle for the Cova "), João Salaviza (" Rafa "), Leonor Noivo (" September ") and José Miguel Ribeiro (" Papel de Natal "), among others, were presented.

As in previous years, Agência will be present in Clermont-Ferrand through a promotional stand in the Short Film Market. The event, held in parallel to the festival, receives, each year, more than 3300 professionals of the film sector making this a space of extreme importance in the dissemination of Portuguese cinema. In addition to promoting and publicizing the more than 400 works represented by the Agency, this will be an opportunity to present the news added in 2018 to the catalog of distributed films.

The presence of Agência da Curta Metragem at Clermont-Ferrand is supported by Instituto Camões, Portuguese Embassy in Paris, ICA (Instituto do Cinema e Audiovisual), Government of Portugal, Favaios and Douvicoisas.