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"Diamantino" kick starts Curtas

11 June 2018
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New feature film by Gabriel Abrantes and Daniel Schmidt, "Diamantino", opens the 26th edition of Curtas Vila do Conde International Film Festival, on July 14. Integrated in the section From Short to Long, this exhibition marks the national debut of the film that won the Critics' Week of the Cannes Film Festival.

Praised by international critics, "Diamantino" tells the story of a world football star who fails at the end of his career confronting the evil eye of public opinion. In a delusional portrait that crosses the genres of comedy, drama and science fiction, Diamantino ends up getting involved in political issues, from the fight against neofascism to the refugee crisis, culminating in an existential crisis about the origin of the genius.

The Portuguese director, who is already a regular presence at the festival, received the prize for best performance for the short film "Os Humores Artificiais" last year, also integrating the collective exhibition Terra, in the Solar Gallery of Cinematic Art, with " Hunchback ", a film choreographed with Ben Rivers. Curtas Vila do Conde has been following the work of Gabriel Abrantes since 2009, showing several of his short films: "Too Many Daddies, Mommies and Babies" (2009), "Baby Back Costa Rica" (2011), "Fratelli" 2011), "Zwazo" (2012), "Taprobana" (2014) and "A Brief History of Princess X" (2016).

The section From Short to Long also features the latest Yann Gonzalez film, "Un couteau dans le coeur" (2018), also premiered at the Cannes Film Festival. Against the background of the pornographic industry of the late 70's in Paris, the feature film tells the story of Anne (Vanessa Paradis), producer of porn movies of series B. In an unmistakable style that has been maturing since the beginning of career, the French director combines the drama of a failed love affair and serial murder, halfway between the erotic and the police.

The festival also features a carte blanche by Yann Gonzalez, a very crazy midnight session, composed of avant-garde films and some rarities, presented by himself. "Depressive Cop" (2016), by Bertrand Mandico; "Tout ce dont je me souviens" (1969), by Christian Boltanski; "The Cat Lady" (1969) by Tom Chomont; "Dellamorte Dellamorte Dellamore" (2000), by David Matarasso; "Jungle Island" (1967) by Jack Smith; are some of the filmmaker's choices.

The 26th Curtas Vila do Conde, which runs between July 14 and 22, has the support of the MEDIA / Creative Europe program, Vila do Conde City Hall, the Ministry of Culture, the Cinema and Audiovisual Institute and several indispensable partners to the festival.