New Spain brings together works by seven Spanish artists

3 July 2018
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New Spain brings together seven emerging Spanish artists in an exhibition that opens on July 14, at the Solar Gallery of Cinematic Art, and marks the first day of the 26th edition of Curtas Vila do Conde - International Film Festival.

The exhibition, curated by the Galician curator José Manuel Lopez (current collaborator of the Museum of Contemporary Art, MARCO, Vigo and the Galician Center for Contemporary Art, CGAC, Santiago) and Nuno Rodrigues, co-director of the festival, aims to explore notions of landscape and intimacy through different media. The artists Carla Andrade, Inés García, Laida Lertxundi, Lois Patiño, Natalia Marín, Samuel M. Delgado and Helena Girón will present site-specific installations, combining various media such as film, video and photography, defying the boundaries between cinema and the fine arts. The opening will take place at 4:00 p.m., on July 14, at Solar - Galeria de Arte Cinemática, in Vila do Conde.

Two of the works exhibited in New Spain will be absolutely novelty. "No Hay Tierra Más Allá", by Samuel M. Delgado and Helena Girón, questions - both through device and content - the perspective of Spanish official history regarding the expansionist policy of the colonial era. Carla Andrade will present a new installation from her film “El paisaje está vacío y el vacío es paisaje", summoning the lessons of the occult and the Andean philosophy around the aesthetic experience.

This New Spain expresses the renewed gaze of this group of artists, almost all born in the 80's and working outside the country of origin. Thus the idea of ​​deterritorialization appears through the whole exhibition: on the one hand, the tragicomic allusion of the title to the time of the Spanish discoveries in South America and its respective failure of the empire, in articulation with the foreign condition of the group of artists; on the other, the intersection between the conventional device territories of the cinema and those of the gallery context.

Lois Patiño is one of the most well-known Spanish filmmakers. It explores, through video, the scales of nature and the question of temporality in moving images. In photography, Carla Andrade also works with natural landscapes, but essentially through the notion of emptiness, not as an absence, but as a producer of meaning. On the other hand, Laida Lertxundi records the daily but fragmented life of Los Angeles, filming the landscape of the city, but also the people who live there, peering into this relationship between affection and geography. With a degree in fine arts, Inés García combines his previous experience with cinema, resulting in fixed sequences filmed in urban settings, where the movement within the picture appears as a performance. Director, Natalia Marín combines an experimental aesthetic with an ethnographic approach in an essentially documentary work. A bit like the duo Samuel M. Delgado and Helena Girón, who works on non-fiction films and videos, intersecting the seemingly opposite worlds of myth and matter.

The New Spain exhibition project also includes special sessions, a guided tour, a debate and an expanded film performance, in a parallel program integrated in the Curtas Vila do Conde festival, which will take place between July 14 and 22 at the Municipal Theater of Vila do Conde. One of the special sessions will be entirely dedicated to the work of Laida Lertxundi, with the projection of six films by the curator in a curacy of Maria Palácios Cruz, deputy director of Lux Films.

Other two, programmed by Gonzalo de Pedro Amatria (programmer of the Locarno Festival) under the title "Muchos Símbolos Y Ningún Significado", bring together a set of very special films and out of place. From musical videos to trailers, from documentary to experimental, Amatria's irreverent choices escape the hegemonic discourses of industrial production. Through the use of humor, science fiction and a playful approach to audiovisual tools, the young Spanish filmmakers take refuge from the deception of the state of things by creating new forms of expression keeping away from the classical schemes.

María Palacios Cruz and Gonzalo de Pedro Amatria will be present at a joint debate with the curators, José Manuel Lopez and Nuno Rodrigues, and with some of the artists, to take place on July 20 at the Vila do Conde Municipal Theater. The New Spain parallel program will end on July 21 with an expanded film performance titled "Even Silence is Cause of Storm," by Adriana Vila and Luis Macías, who explores the manipulation of 16mm film live for the creation of a new sensory space.

Organized by the Solar Galeria de Arte Cinemática in Curtas Vila do Conde partnership, the New Spain exhibition - open from Monday to Saturday until September and all days during the festival - is supported by AC/E - Acción Cultural Espanola, Portuguese Republic - Culture, DGArtes, Vila do Conde Municipality.

The co-curator of the New Spain project José Manuel Lopez Fernández and the other fourteen Spanish artists, journalists and programmers (Albert Alcoz, María Palacios, Lois Patiño, Isabel Lara Ruiz, Gonzalo de Pedro Amatria, Carla Andrade, Alberto Ramos Ruiz, Helena Giron Vázquez, Laida Lertxundi, Inés García, Javier Hernández Estrada, Samuel M. Delgado, Susana Blas and Bea Espejo) will attend Curtas Vila do Conde thanks to the support of Acción Cultural Española (AC/E) through the Program for the Internationalization of Spanish Culture (PICE) in the Mobility modality.