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July 15 : Highlights of the Day

15 July 2018
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On the second day, the Curtas Vila do Conde - International Film Festival features two films and a session dedicated to Produções Curtas.

This Sunday, Curtas Vila do Conde presents two long-metranges. The first one will be shown at 9:30 pm, has the signature of the filmmaker Romain Gavras, "Le Monde est à toi", and integrates the section From Short to Long. The second, part of the retrospective that the festival dedicates to the filmmaker Nadav Lapid, will be shown at 11:00 pm: "The Kindergarten Teacher". Both sessions take place in Room 1 of the Municipal Theater.

Before that, at the end of the day, the festival presents a special session entitled Produções Curtas that integrates the films "Rio Entre As Montanhas" by José Magro, produced under the 72 Hour Film Project of the festival Hancheng Jinzhen; "Circo do Amor" by Miguel Clara Vasconcelos, a film produced with the support of ICA - Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual for fiction short films, and "Náufragos" by Pedro Neves, produced within the Animar 13 workshops. The last two were shot in the county of Vila do Conde.

At 6:30 p.m., the festival presents a showcase of the students of ESMAD / P.Porto, under Take One !, taking place in Room 2 of the Municipal Theater of Vila do Conde.