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Ricardo Jacinto's individual exhibition at Solar

19 September 2018
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The Solar - Cinematic Art Gallery, in Vila do Conde, presents, between September 22 and November 3, "Cinco Filmes e Uma Máscara", an individual exhibition by Portuguese composer and artist Ricardo Jacinto. The opening will take place next September 22 (Saturday), at 6:30 pm.

Besides the permanent installation, which brings together five videos made by the artist and a mask, the exhibition project also includes the concert-installation "Medusa Spectrum", which will take place on September 29 at 7:30 pm., within the program of the 14th edition of Circular - Festival of Performative Arts and designed specifically for the space of this gallery.

Intersecting the musical and artistic practices, Ricardo Jacinto explores the possibilities of sonorous configurations of space, working with the specificities of the structures where he exhibits, such as Solar - Cinematic Art Gallery. Thus, the video installation, permanently displayed in the gallery, will be dialoguing with the musical work of Ricardo Jacinto and Nuno Torres, at the live performance titled "Medusa Spectrum".

Nuno Torres and Ricardo Jacinto have been collaborating continuously in the last years, sharing several projects in duo and in articulation with a vast group of musicians, among them Manuel Mota, Ricardo Guerreiro, Shiori Usui, Susana Santos Silva, C. Spencer Yeh, Diogo Alvim, João Pais Filipe, Gustavo Costa and Nuno Morão. Projects such as Cacto, Parque, Les Voisins, Eye Height and Temporary Territories have served as a motto for a musical and sound sharing with public presentation in several places such as CCB - Lisbon, Serralves Museum - Porto, Center Culturel Gulbenkian - Paris, Dance Base - Edinburgh, Culturgest - Lisbon and ZDB - Lisbon.

Ricardo Jacinto lives and works between Lisbon and Belfast and is currently a PhD student at the Sonic Arts Research Center. Graduated in Architecture from the University of Lisbon and in Sculpture and Visual Arts from Ar.Co. He also studied music at the Hot Clube de Portugal and the Academia de Músicos Amadores, in Lisbon. Since 1998, he has presented his work in individual and collective exhibitions, concerts and performances in Portugal and abroad, collaborating with artists, musicians, architects and performers. He is also founder of the OSSO cultural association.