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Curtinhas brings the Space to Vila do Conde

17 June 2019
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Curtas Vila do Conde - International Film Festival is back and brings Curtinhas again. The section devoted to the children's and family's public of the festival, this year dedicated to the theme The Space, will integrate sessions for over 3, 6 and 10 years, parties and workshops, assuming itself as a mini-festival where children can learn to see and making movies.

To mark this year's Curtinhas program, the long-awaited fourth movie from the "Toy Story" series, which brings back the adventures of Woody and his friends in 3D format and the special free-access session made up of some of Walt Disney's animated classics.
With a vast program of recent short animation films, Curtinhas 2019 aims to present aesthetics and languages ​​that are alternative to normal cinema consumption, aligned with school content and the interests of children and young people in each age group. In parallel, the festival will have a children's space in the Municipal Theater of Vila do Conde, where children will be able to develop a series of workshops related to moving images, as well as other playful and pedagogical activities, accompanied by monitors, while parents attend the classroom sessions. Scheduled this year are two workshops created in collaboration with the "Scientific World: Intergalactic Journey" (Sunday 7 July) and Pequenos "Exploradores de Estrelas" (Saturday, July 13), as well as a large closing party taking place on the last day of the festival.
Special highlight in the cinema for the single session and free access with some of the first color classics produced by Walt Disney. Taking place on Saturday, July 13, this session will consist of a series of masterpieces that are now considered essential in the history of cinema. From the short Flowers and Trees to the big hit The Three Little Pigs (first in a Disney movie series to win the Oscar in the best animation category), through the first appearance of Donald Duck in the movies with The Wise Little Hen or the remake of classic The Ugly Duckling by Hans Christian Andersen.
As in previous editions, the jury of the Curtinhas competition will be composed of children between the ages of 8 and 12, who will jointly decide the best film in the competition. At the closing ceremony, this group will deliver the MAR Shopping Award to the winner of the film. Entries for the jury of Curtinhas are still open and the regulations can be consulted on the website.
In anticipation of the 27th edition of Curtas Vila do Conde, MAR Shopping will host on 22nd of June, the Workshop Faz Pop-Up, from 11am to 12.30am  and from 2.30pm to 5pm, at Floor 0 (children's fashion corridor). Participation is free and guaranteed on a first-come, first-served basis. The workshop is intended for families with children between the ages of 4 and 10.
The 27th Curtas Vila do Conde - International Film Festival, which runs from July 6 to 14, has the support of Vila do Conde City Hall, the Ministry of Culture, the Cinema and Audiovisual Institute, the MEDIA / Creative Europe program and several partners essential to the festival, including MAR Shopping, exclusive sponsor of the Curtinhas section. This mini-festival follows the work developed regularly by Curtas Metragens CRL since 2005, through activities organized by the team of Solar's educational service - Cinematic Art Gallery and the Animar project.