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Full program of 27º Curtas

19 June 2019
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The programming for the 27th edition of Curtas is closed. The festival will return to Vila do Conde with a selection of more than 250 films of recent production that aim to be a space for discovery, reunion and dissemination to new and renowned authors.

In 2019, Portuguese cinema once again occupies the prime time of the festival. Sixteen films premiered in the portuguese competition, five films that marked the panorama of the last year and sixteen school films will give a transversal and trans-generational look to the cinema that is currently being made in Portugal. The non-competitive sessions will also include the preview of the first episodes of the series by Marco Leão and André Santos, "Luz Vermelha"; the premiere of "Mutantes S. 21 - 25 anos depois", a documentary on the historical Mão Morta, as well as special sessions with cinema by Manoel de Oliveira and João César Monteiro.
A major section of the festival, the Portuguese Short Film Competition summarizes the uniqueness of a new generation of Portuguese directors, from the names that have been recognized at international festivals, Gabriel Abrantes, Diogo Costa Amarante, Diogo Baldaia or Sofia Bost, to the new values whose films anticipate a future that we want to accompany, Maureen Fazendeiro, Alex Siqueira and Laura Carreira. And because the festival also continues, Mariana Gaivão, André Marques, Paulo Furtado and Pedro Neves return to Vila do Conde this year. The selection for the National Competition is completed with the most recent works by Rui Esperança, Vasco Saltão, Miguel Afonso, Francisco Valente and Márcio Laranjeira & Sérgio Brás d'Almeida. These sessions will be followed by a conversation with the directors.
And because looking back at the now of portuguese cinema is also to understand in retrospect, Curtas is a selection of films that, through history, awards or international career, have stood out in the recent production of Portugal. In July, it will be possible to see, in Vila do Conde, the most recent works by Susana de Sousa Dias ("Fordlândia Malaise", premiered at the Berlinale), Jorge Jácome (Past Perfect, premiered at the Berlinale and awarded at IndieLisboa and the Hamburg Short Film Festival), Catarina Mourão (O mar Enrola na Areia, selected for Visions du Réel, É tudo verdade and Oberhausen), Sílvia das Fadas (A Casa, a Verdadeira and a Seguinte, Ainda Está Fazer, awarded at IndieLisboa) and Helena Estrela (Bela Mandil, selected for Viennale).
Portuguese cinema will also mark the special sessions and different programmatic segments of the festival. Already announced were the focus on the work of Carlos Conceição, the special sessions dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the death of José Régio and the centenary of the birth of Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen. Marking the first weekend of Curtas, the premiere of the documentary that marks the fourth century of Mutantes S. 21- 25 anos depois, one of the most emblematic records of Mão Morta. The session will be accompanied by a conversation with the band moderated by Valter Hugo Mãe. In the section From Short to Long, preview of the first two episodes of the first series of the duo Marco Leão and André Santos, Luz Vermelha, inspired by the history of the "Mães de Bragança" and with performances by, among others, Margarida Vila-Nova, Afonso Pimentel, Joaquim Monchique and Sara Norte.
The portuguese selection of Curtas also includes a space dedicated to school cinema, Take One!, with a heterogeneous selection of works produced by Portuguese students in portuguese and foreign schools; a carte blanche to João Nicolau as part of the celebration of his 20th anniversary of the Short Film Agency; and a space dedicated to music videos that demonstrate a particular relationship with the cinematic language. In this edition, among others, the musical videos of Bruno Ferreira (for Everybody, by Sinkane), Pedro Maia (for Paplu (Love That Moves The Sun), by Vessel) will compete, of the trio André Carrilho + Rui Clara Gomes + Mantraste (for Balança, by Throes + The Shine), Diogo Tudela (for Swisid Mekanize Rejiman, by HHY & The Macumbas) and Leonor Teles (for Chavitas, by Sensible Soccers).
The 27th Curtas, which will return between 6 and 14 July, will also include an international competition with works from different hemispheres, an experimental competition and a kids' section with cinema and workshops designed for children, young people and families. In focus will also be the works of Todd Solondz and Carlos Conceição, as well as the restored cinema, in what is the new section of Revisited Cinema. In Vila do Conde it will also be possible to see the films-concert of Thurston Moore, The Heliocentrics and Montanhas Azuis.

The complete programme of sessions, parties and parallel activities can be consulted on the event's website.


18, Rui Esperança, Portugal, 2019, DOC, 25'
A Fábrica, Pedro Neves, Portugal, 2019, DOC, 29'
Amor Quântico, Paulo Furtado, Portugal, 2019, FIC, 11'
Ave Rara,Vasco Saltão, Portugal, 2019, FIC, 34'
Cenas de Uma Vida Amorosa, Miguel Afonso, Portugal, 2019, FIC, 13'
Colmeal, Márcio Laranjeira & Sérgio Brás d'Almeida, Portugal, 2019, FIC, 15'
Destiny Deluxe, Diogo Baldaia, Portugal, 2019, FIC, 30'
Dia de Festa, Sofia Bost, Portugal, 2019, FIC, 17'
Les Extraordinaires Mésaventures De La Jeune Fille De Pierre, Gabriel Abrantes, Portugal, 2019, FIC, 20'
Lisboa, 2018, Francisco Valente, Portugal, 2019, FIC, 20'
Não Procures Mais Além, André Marques, Portugal, France, Haiti, 2019, FIC, 25'
O Verde do Jardim, Diogo Costa Amarante, Portugal, 2019, FIC, 27'
Purpleboy, Alex Siqueira, Portugal, France, 2019, ANI, 14'
Red Hill, Laura Carreira, UK, 2018, FIC, 13'
Ruby, Mariana Gaivão, Portugal, 2019, FIC, 25'
Sol Negro, Maureen Fazendeiro, Portugal, 2019, EXP, 6'


A Casa, a Verdadeira e a Seguinte, Ainda Está por Fazer, Sílvia das Fadas, Portugal/USA/Austria, 2018, DOC/EXP, 35'
Bela Mandil, Helena Estrela, Portugal, 2018, FIC, 18'
Fordlândia Malaise, Susana de Sousa Dias, Portugal, 2019, DOC, 40'
O Mar Enrola na Areia, Catarina Mourão, Portugal, 2019, DOC/FIC, 16'
Past Perfect, Jorge Jácome, Portugal, 2019, DOC/FIC/EXP, 23'
A Morte De Léaud, Ricardo Pinto de Magalhães, Portugal, 2019, DOC, 6'
Auspício, Vasco Trabulo Bauerle, Portugal, FIC, 10'
Berço, Inês Luís, Portugal, 2019, FIC, 22'
Corporealitis, Beatriz Bagulho, UK/Portugal, 2018, ANI, 4'
Direito à Memória, Rúben Sevivas, Portugal, 2019, DOC, 9'
Em Caso de Fogo, Tomás Paula Marques, Portugal, 2019, FIC, 23'
Em Junho, Henrique Brazão, Portugal, 2019 , FIC, 16'
Estas Mãos São Minhas, André Miguel Ferreira, Portugal, 2019, DOC, 9'
Há Alguém na Terra, Francisca Magalhães, Joana Tato Borges & Maria Canela, Portugal, 2019, FIC, 17'
Inside Me, Maria Trigo Teixeira, Germany, 2019, ANI/DOC, 5' 
Irene, João Martinho, Portugal, 2018, FIC, 15'
José, João Monteiro, Portugal, 2019, FIC, 14'
Notes on Living, Inês Pedrosa e Melo, USA, 2018, DOC, 5'
Os Monstros só Saem à Noite, João Pedro Ferreira, Portugal, FIC, 14'
The Hood, Patricia Vidal Delgado, USA/Portugal, 2018, FIC, 10'
Verniz Glaze, Clara Jost, Portugal, 2018, FIC, 14' 

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