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Retrospective on Olivier Assayas at Guimarães

6 July 2012
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The retrospective on Olivier Assayas - one of the authors In Focus at the 20th Curtas Vila do Conde - starts today in Guimarães, within the European Capital of Culture. The cultural event ends with this session a partnership with Vila do Conde after a week of screenings (several sessions of award-winning films and one dedicated to Stanley Kubrick). The French director, who will be in Vila do Conde during this retrospective, is the special guest of this session and will talk to the public.

This retrospective begins with one of his early films: "Paris S'Éveille" (1991). The young Adrien gradually begins to connect with Louise, a drug addict. Half a year later, Louise let herself be led by her dream of pursuing a career in television. Adrien finds himself involved in illegal business and takes refuge in the underworld. Everyone is trying to escape.