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"The Mother and the Sea" at Rome Film Festival

15 October 2013
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Rome is the city chosen for the international premiere of "The Mother and the Sea" by Gonçalo Tocha, a production by Curtas Metragens CRL. The film was selected to the competition Cinema XXI of the Rome Film Festival, that will be held between the 8th and 17th of November. Shot at the Vila Chã beach, this project talks about the tradition of the fisherwomen, a peculiar phenomenon of this region. "The Mother and the Sea" was produced by a team of film students of Porto.

Moreover, before the Rome screening, the film can been seen in competition at DocLisboa on November 1st and 2nd. After that THE MOTHER AND THE SEA was also selected to CPH DOX (Dinamarca), Mar Del Plata (Argentina) and Rencontres Internationales du Documentaire em Montreal (Canadá).

+info about the film at the Agência's website

Portuguese cinema in Seville and Amiens

14 October 2013
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A special program of Portuguese films will be held at Seville Film Festival (Spain) and in Amiens Film Festival (France). Both programs were organized by the festivals in collaboration with Curtas Vila do Conde Festival and the Portuguese Short Film Agency.

Extense articles will be included in the Seville Festival publications, and a special issue of about 32 pages will be published by Caimán - Cuadernos de Cine (the new name for Cahiers du Cinéma - España). A seminar on Portuguese filmmaking organized along with the Seville University and encounters between Andalusian and Portuguese professionals, including Agencia and Curtas Vila do Conde, will be other of the activities highlighted by the festival.

"Mahjong" at the Theatres

18 September 2013
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The short film "Mahjong" - a project made by João Pedro Rodrigues and João Rui Guerra da Mata and produced by Curtas Metragens CRL - opens commercially in the Portuguese Theatres at October 3. The film will be shown in addition to the feature film "Interior. Leather Bar" by James Franco and Travis Mathews. "Mahjong" was produced by the project Estaleiro, involving two experienced filmmakers with a team of young students of Porto.

The film unfolds in Varziela, Vila do Conde, Portugal's largest Chinatown and extends the Asian themes of the filmmakers ("Red Dawn", "The Last Time I saw Macau"). Also highlights the hybrid research between fiction and documentary featured in their previous films. It is also an exercise in genre, mixing suspense with dark humor.

Synopsis: "A man wearing a hat and a missing woman. A high-heeled shoe, a blond wig and a Chinese dress. The confrontation between the East Wind and the Red Dragon; the cardinal points switched as in an ultimate Mahjong game."

João Pedro Rodrigues and João Rui Guerra da Mata have worked in the past couple years, but have also developed personal projects. João Pedro Rodrigues is one of the most important authors of the latest Portuguese cinema, with a filmography of several feature films. João Rui Guerra da Mata is a longtime collaborator of João Pedro Rodrigues, but also surprised the film world with his first film: "As the Flames Rose".

"Fernando Who Received a Bird From the Sea" in Brasilia

17 September 2013
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The film "Fernando who Received a Bird From the Sea" - a Curtas Metragens CRL production, directed by Felipe Bragança and Helvécio Marins Jr. - was selected for the official competition of the 46th Festival de Brasília. The film was produced by the project Estaleiro - involving a team of young students from Portugal and Brazil - and had its world premiere at the 21st Curtas Vila do Conde, yet still in a working version. The film to be projected in Brasilia is already a final version of the project.

"Fernando Who Received a Bird from the Sea" is an imaginary dialogue between Portugal and Brazil, in a little Portuguese-Brazilian song. Fernando spends his time between a cafe in the neighbourhood and his small house in Porto. Coming from Brazil he receives a small present that makes him imagine paradise.

The short film is made by Helvécio Marins Jr. (author of another film produced by Curtas Metragens CRL, "The Song of the Nightingale", and author of the acclaimed film "Swirl") and Felipe Bragança (one of the authors of the new Brazilian cinema, responsible, among others, for the feature film "A Alegria"). 

Portuguese short-films at Locarno

22 July 2013
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Several Portuguese short films were selected for the next Festival of Locarno. All of them had première at the 21st Curtas Vila do Conde. The Locarno Film Festival is one of the most prestigious film festivals and takes place from 7 to 17 August in the Swiss town of Locarno.

In the competitive section Pardi di Domani, dedicated to short films, was selected "Versailles" by Carlos Conceição. For the section out of competition were selected "Mahjong", by João Pedro Rodrigues and João Rui Guerra da Mata - a production of Estaleiro - and "O Corpo de Afonso", by João Pedro Rodrigues. Still in short films, Basil da Cunha will be jury in the section Pardi di Domani.

Still in the representation of Portuguese cinema, it can be see the last feature film (posthumous) by Paulo Rocha, "Se eu Fosse Ladrão... Roubava", along with a tribute to the director, with the screening of the classics "Verdes Anos" and "Mudar de Vida". Finally, Joaquim Pinto will present "E Agora? Lembra-me" at the Festival international competition.

+ info:

Hollywood Brazilian Film Festival

20 July 2013
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The Hollywood Brazilian Film Festival is preparing a program that will pay tribute to Curtas Vila do Conde. The Festival will take place from July 31 to August 4. As is announced on the event website: "The Hollywood Brazilian Film Festival is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the most prominent productions from Brazilian Indie in the Mecca of cinema, Hollywood. Since 2009, the Festival has been host to cultural exchange and trade among the newest and bold Brazilian filmmakers and industry leaders of American entertainment."

The programme will screen the following films: 
- "Rapace", by João Nicolau
- "Arena", by João Salaviza 
- "O Coveiro", by André Gil Mata 
- "Sinais de Serenidade por Coisas sem Sentido", by Sandro Aguilar 
- "Manhã de Santo António", by João Pedro Rodrigues 
- "O Que Arde Cura", by João Rui Guerra da Mata
- "North Atlantic", by Bernardo Nascimento


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