Curtas Vila do Conde in Clermont-Ferrand

10 January 2013
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Curtas Vila do Conde will be attending the next Short Film Festival in Clermont-Ferrand, held from 1 to 9 February. Curtas Vila do Conde will share a stand at the Short Film Market along with Agência - Portuguese Short Film Agency and Guimarães 2012 - European Capital of Culture. The aim of this presence is to promote the twentieth anniversary of the festival, as well as the eight films produced in 2012 (four commissioned by the festival and four others produced under the project Campus/Estaleiro). Likewise, both the Agency and the Guimarães 2012 will promote their films on the largest world market for short film.

This presence of Curtas Vila do Conde - International Film Festival in Clermont-Ferrand is one more step in the internationalization programme as a way to commemorate the twenty years of the festival.
Apart from the presence on the stand, Clermont-Ferrand will have another edition of Euroconnection, a co-production forum for which was selected a project by João Viana. Also some Portuguese films were selected for the various competitions: "Os Vivos Também Choram" by Basil da Cunha, for the international competition (the film won the award for Best Portuguese Short Film in Curtas Vila do Conde 2012), "Kali - The Little Vampire", by Regina Pessoa, for the national competition (the film is a co-production with France) and "Sizígia" by Luis Urbano, in the Labo competition.

"Reconversão" in international circulation

9 January 2013
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After the world premiere at the 20th Curtas Vila do Conde, the film "Reconversão", by Thom Andersen, is having a remarkable international career. It is being highlighted, now, in the United States, with a screening at the Museum of The Moving Image and reference in The New York Times and Film Comment. The film was a commission of twenty anniversary of the festival and discusses the work of architect Eduardo Souto de Moura.

In the online edition of the "Film Comment" magazine, "Reconversão" was included in the Top 50 (in the 23rd position) of the Best Undistributed Films of 2012 in the United States of America. In addition, The New York Times devoted an article on the film for the film premiere in New York, at a session of the series First Looks at the Museum Of The Moving Image. The article presents the film as an analysis of the function of decay and ruins in architecture, through the works of Eduardo Souto de Moura. It relates the film also within the wider work of Thom Andersen and his willingness to look at objects in ruins and the role of architecture in people's lives.

According to the newspaper, "Reconversão is a combination travelogue and architectural study. (...) Most of the film is composed of rapid-fire, Muybridge-esque strings of still images, broken up by “live-action” sequences depicting the disparate uses to which Souto de Moura buildings are put over the course of time".

More tributes to Curtas Vila do Conde

8 November 2012
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Curtas Vila do Conde has been honored after the celebration of twenty years of the Festival. Since August, those tributes were made at: Locarno, Montreal, Rio de Janeiro and DocLisboa, with screenings of the productions commissioned by the Festival. This November, there were two other festivals that celebrated our anniversary: Janela Internacional de Cinema, in Recife (Brazil), and the Festival of Seville (Spain).

In the first case, in Recife, the Janela Festival, which takes place between 9 and 18 November, presented four films commissioned for the celebration of 20 Years: "Miracle of Saint Anthony", by Sergei Loznitsa, "Reconversion", by Thom Andersen, "The Song of Nightingale", by Helvécio Marins Jr., and "Land of My Dreams", by Yann Gonzalez. in Seville, in the context of a focus on Portuguese cinema, Curtas Vila do Conde presented a programme including "The Road as a Street" by Graça Castanheira, "A River Called Bird", by Luís Alves de Matos, and "Miracle of St. Anthony" by Sergei Loznista.

In addition to these tributes, the Curtas Metragens CRL productions were selected for several film festivals:
- "The Song of Nightingale": Córtex - Short Film Festival Sintra
- "Miracle of St. Anthony": Mortra - São Paulo
- "Land of My Dreams": Festival Winterthur and Córtex - Short Film Festival Sintra
- "Ashes, a Fire Essay" Festival dei Popoli and Festival Lusobrasileiro.
- "A Road as a Street" Festival dei Popoli, Caminhos do Cinema Português and Festival Lusobrasileiro.

European Film Awards 2012

31 October 2012
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The films nominated for best short film at the European Film Awards have been announced. The European Film Awards is an initiative of the European Film Academy (which joins near 2700 European film professionals). The nomination of short films is made in association with several European short-film festivals, including Curtas Vila do Conde. As announced during our festival, the nomination at Curtas 2012 was "Morning of St. Anthony" by João Pedro Rodrigues.

This is the complete list of nominated short-films:
by Rolando Colla
Switzerland, 17 min, fiction

by Yorgos Zois
Greece, 10 min, experimental

by Michael Lennox
UK, 25 min, fiction

directed by João Pedro Rodrigues
Portugal, 25 min, fiction

L. Rezan Yeşilbaş
Turkey, 14 min, fiction

by Vladimir Leschiov & Kaspar Jancis
Latvia/Estonia, 13 min, animation

by Attila Till
Hungary, 20 min, fiction

by Justine Triet
France 2011, 30 min., fiction

by Albert Sackl
Austria 2011, 23 min., experimental

by Jan Czarlewski
Switzerland 2011, 15 min., documentary

by Elina Talvensaari
Finland 2011, 18 min, documentary

by Darren Thornton
Ireland 2011, 17 min, fiction

by Tudor Giurgiu
Romania 2011, 11 min, fiction

by Pauline Gay

Making of - 20th Curtas Vila do Conde

12 October 2012
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Making of the 20th Curtas Vila do Conde. A video prepared by the students from the TCAV course of the Polytechnic Institute of Porto.


20th Curtas Vila do Conde in the international press

4 October 2012
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The success of the 20th Curtas Vila do Conde was mirrored during the week of the festival, with an impact on the audience and the national film critics. Soon after the end of this edition, and in the past months, the international press began publishing criticism of this anniversary edition. There were several correspondents of newspapers and magazines that were in Vila do Conde during the week of Curtas. Among others, were around here, "Cahiers the Cinéma", "Bréf", "Caimán Cuardenos de Cine", "Libération" or the digital magazines "A Cuarta Parede", "Transit", "Mubi - Notebook" or "Senses of Cinema. "

Most of these publications highlight the twenty years of the festival and the productions developed for this anniversary, as well as filmes Campus / Estaleiro. Also highlighted are some of the winning films or certain Portuguese films that impressed these critics.

In "Cahiers du Cinéma", Jean Philippe Tessé highlights the festival programme: "la tendance du festival: excitant et pointu, avec un penchant prononcé prononcé pour l’expérimental et un certain fétichisme (beaucoup de films sous le patronage de Tscherkassky). C’est d’ailleurs ce qui fait le charme de ce festival, où s’agglutinent des objets hétéroclites (...) et d’où l’on est sûr de revenir avec quelques pépites en poche." In the French "Libération", with writing by Julien Gester, it is highlighted the particular moment of Portuguese cinema: "(...) festival de Vila do Conde, l’un des meilleurs consacrés au court métrage en Europe, qui célébrait dans une atmosphère d’euphorie crispée une 20e édition pavée de paradoxes, partagée entre master class, ciné-concerts, tour d’horizon du court métrage étranger, panorama relevé d’une création nationale tout à la fois en ébullition et en crise. The magazine "Bréf" (dedicated to short-films) highlights, most of all, the four productions of the 20th anniversary, ending the article, signed by Jacques Kermabon, with the comment: "Programmés avec succès au festival de Locarno cet été, ces quatre films devraient faire résonner le nom du festival de Vila do Conde sous d’autres cieux. Et qui sait ? Leur réussite pourrait même donner à l’équipe du festival le goût d’ajouter la corde de producteur à l’arc de leurs activités."

The digital magazine "Notebook", by the MUBI project, it is highlighted the International Competition: " It is often at film festivals that one is assailed by the Hamletic dilemma of why so many stale and useless films are being made (but also selected and programmed) instead of not. Curtas' International Competition, on the contrary, boasted a remarkably valid selection honoring the noble practice of selection to the detriment of bloating overabundance. Almost every film had an aesthetic purpose, was convincingly realized and felt true, at least to its maker’s intentions." Andrea Franco, from "Transit" magazine, makes a long analysis of the festival, signaling the special character of Curtas Vila do Conde: "Casi familiar, el certamen congrega al núcleo duro de la cinefilia portuguesa, junto a la crítica especializada internacional. Pero aquí no hay alfombra roja, ni photocall, ni ruedas de prensa, y las grandes figuras a las que admiramos pasean por el pueblo tranquilamente sin guardaespaldas, sin una masa de gente apretada contra las vallas para pedirles una foto; aquí la admiración se queda dentro de uno, y como mucho emerge en forma de mirada tímida y fugaz: “Su cine es maravilloso” –les dije en secreto a Thom Andersen, a Olivier Assayas, a Philippe Garrel."

The texts from the magazines "Caiman Cuadernos de Cine", "Senses of Cinema" or "A Cuarta Parede" analyse the Portuguese Competition of the 20th Curtas Vila do Conde. Martin Pawley ("Caimán Cuadernos de Cine") says: "Curtas Vila do Conde cumplió veinte años y lo celebró otorgando más peso que nunca a la producción portuguesa"; Jorge Mourinha ("Senses of Cinema") describes: "Understandably, the 20th anniversary edition of Vila do Conde became an irresistible opportunity to look at the “state of the nation” in a 2012 that has been fraught with perils and wonders for Portuguese film."

Finally, it is worth signaling the presence of the film critics from Bulgary and Russia (the journalist Evgeny Gusyatinskiy writes, for example, about short film as an example of a vanguard cinema).

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