Portuguese cinema in Brive

9 April 2012
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Curtas Vila do Conde has worked with Portuguese Short-Film Agency and the the Rencontres du moyen métrage de Brive, France, as curators of a Portuguese retrospective programme entitled “Jeune Cinema Portugais” to be screened in the next edition of the Festival, which takes place from 10 to 15 April. This Festival is the only one in Europe dedicated to medium lenght film.

The Portuguese programme is composed by several films, most of them screened and awarded at Curtas Vila do Conde: CANÇÃO DE AMOR E SAÚDE, by João Nicolau; UM DIA FRIO, by Cláudia Varejão; A CASA ESQUECIDA, by Teresa Garcia; ANGST, by Graça Canstanheira; ACORDAR, by Tiago Guedes & Frederico Serra; 31 by Miguel Gomes; ENTRETANTO by Miguel Gomes; RESPIRAR DEBAIXO D'ÁGUA by António Ferreira; and NUVEM, by Basil da Cunha; and VOODOO, by Sandro Aguilar.

+info at Festival’s site.

Cinemascope Top 50

3 April 2012
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The magazine Cinemascope (http://cinema-scope.com/) has reached its number 50. For this edition, this prestigious film magazine chose the top fifty filmmakers under fifty that represent the future of cinema. Among these names, there are several that were revealed in Portugal by Curtas Vila do Conde. Moreover, the cover of this edition is starred by "Tabu", the feature film by Miguel Gomes, recently awarded at the Berlin Film Festival.

Gomes is one of the Portuguese directors represented in this list. The other is João Pedro Rodrigues. Both filmmakers are constant presences in the festival since their first-works: Miguel Gomes, with "Entretanto", João Pedro Rodrigues, com "Parabéns!". The two have been identified as two revelations of the new world cinema with films that have found a wide international repercussion.

But the list is also a collection of the most important filmmakers of the new global landscape, some of which were screened in Portugal by Curtas Vila do Conde (many for the first time), including: Sergei Dvortsevoy, Nicolás Pereda, Ben Rivers, Lisandro Alonso, Serge Bozon, Jennifer Reeves and Apichatpong Weerasethakul. Several of these filmmakers, won awards or were present in Vila do Conde.

Finally, the list also included other filmmakers that were screened at the Festival such as Michel Gondry, Johan Grimonprez, Ben Russell, Harmony Korine, Corneliu Porumboiu or Quentin Tarantino.

Salaviza and Gomes win in Berlin

20 February 2012
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Portuguese cinema and the short film are, again, in the center of the international film scene. In the 62th edition of the Berlin Film Festival, João Salaviza and Miguel Gomes won major awards, proving that the present moment of Portuguese film is creatively original. In both cases, both directors are also important part of the history of Curtas Vila do Conde as a festival that reveals some of the new talents of Portuguese cinema.

In the case of João Salaviza, it is the second major award that the young filmmaker wins after the Palme d'Or for "Arena". With "Rafa" - the film screened at this Berlinale - Salaviza wins the Golden Bear for best short film. In Curtas Vila do Conde, Salaviza won, in 2005, the main prize of  Take One!, a film competition for schools, with the project "Two People". Last year, the author presented, in partnership with the musician Norberto Lobo, the short-film "Strokkur", integrated in the Stereo's project (commissioned by Estaleiro and whose debut took place in Curtas Vila do Conde 2011) and already with a good international career.

Miguel Gomes is a historical name of Curtas Vila do Conde, with appearances in several years in the national competition, which he won in 2006 with "Canticle of all Creatures." His first work, "Meanwhile," had also been awarded in 1999, the prize for best director. In Berlin, with his third feature film, "Tabu," Gomes won two important prizes: Alfred Bauer Prize, awarded to a film that opens new perspectives for  cinema; and the FIPRECI Prize, awarded by the critics present in the festival.

These awards, in one of the most prestigious international festivals, are the culmination of several years of an intense film activity, that once again prove the international vitality of Portuguese cinema.

+info: full list of awards

Rotterdam and Clermont-Ferrand

26 January 2012
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During next week, the film world will meet in two major film festivals. Starting on January 25 and continuing until February 4, it will be hold the International Film Festival Rotterdam. This is one of the most popular festivals for its cutting edge programme, with some of the most innovative works of contemporary cinema. Starting January 27 and continuing until 4 February, the French city of Clermont-Ferrand receives the largest festival in the world dedicated to short film. In both festivals, are present films and authors who have gone through the Curtas Vila do Conde.

The Festival of Rotterdam will screen several Portuguese filmmakers. Miguel Fonseca, who was in Curtas 2011 with the short "I Know You Can Hear Me", will present "The Waves" in the Tiger Awards Competition. The Spectrum section will be presented "Our Man" by Pedro Costa, and "Silêncio de Dois Sons" by Rita Figueiredo, both screened in the Portuguese competition of the 19th Curtas. João Salaviza (with "Rafa"), Gabriel Abrantes (with "Palácios da Pena") and Miguel Seabra Lopes (with "Incêndio") are also selected. Also in this section it will be screened "Dimanches," by Valery Rosier, "Killing the Chickens to Scare the Monkeys," by Jens Assur, and "Mila Caos", by Simon Paetau. All of them were in the international competition of Curtas 2011.

In Clermont-Ferrand, the Portuguese delegation is composed of "Água Fria" by Pedro Neves (Portuguese competition of the last edition) and "Fado of Grown Man", by Pedro Brito. Both are in international competition, where two films shown in Curtas will also be screened: "La Broma Infinita" and "A Morning Stroll". The Labo section will present "How to Raise the Moon" and "Killing the Chickens to Scare the Monkeys." Finally, in the national competition it will be screened "Parmi Nous" and the winner of the Curtas 2011, "Boro in the Box" by Bertrand Mandico.

Representatives of the direction and the programming of Curtas Vila do Conde will be present at both festivals.

Thom Andersen directs film for 20th Curtas

6 January 2012
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Thom Andersen is the first of four directors to whom Curtas Vila do Conde commissioned a short film for the celebration of the festival's 20th edition. The American director is currently in Portugal, visiting some filming locations. It is also chosen the theme: the architecture of the Portuguese Eduardo Souto Moura, Pritzker Prize in 2011.

Thom Andersen was at the Festival in its 2011 edition, where he presented his short film "Get Out of the Car", which won the award for Best Documentary. This film is a symphony of Los Angeles and its iconic locations, in an almost archaeological perspective (the director visited places where the urban landscape was radically altered in recent years). It's also about the city that his masterpiece, "Los Angeles Plays Itself", is about - a film-essay on how the film has infected the audience's look on Los Angeles.

Included in this visit is also a masterclass that the director will make at Casa da Música, called "Space in film and architecture," on January 9. This is a unique opportunity to hear about his work and the impact of the cityscape in audiovisual landscape.

Thom Andersen in Portugal

29 December 2011
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The director Thom Andersen will be in Portugal in early January. The American author is the next guest of Campus, a training program associated with the project Estaleiro (developed by the team of Curtas Vila do Conde). He will be in Porto to prepare his next film and he will give a masterclass at Casa da Música, integrated in the conference cycle "em trânsito" from Ordem dos Arquitectos.

Space in filme and architecture
Thom Andersen
Casa da Música : Porto : 9 January : 22h
(paid entry)

Thom Andersen is an American independent filmmaker and professor at the California Institute of the Arts in Los Angeles, his hometown. It has been precisely about his city that Andersen has filmed, as evidenced by two of his major works: "Los Angeles Plays Itself" (2003) and "Get Out of the Car" (2010). The latter film was screened at Curtas Vila do Conde 2011, where it won the prize for best documentary. The director was also present at the Festival.

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