Photos of the Day - 11Jul

12 July 2011
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And the third day of Curtas was like this...

Tuesday, 12 - Day's Highlights

12 July 2011
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Tuesday, day 4 of the festival! Today begin most of the directors of this year's films and the competitions take a full speed.

The highlight of the day goes to the concert/performance "The Secret Museum of Mankind" (22:00, Room 2) com Mariana Ricardo (Pinhead Society) e João Nicolau.
 This project began as a mystery book, composed of photographs depicting people and cultures around the world and destined for the voyeuristic enjoyment of the exotic. The Portuguese Mariana Ricardo and João Nicolau re-invented this anthropological vision through an amazing musical performance, which they play for the first time with a choreography of Mulheres do Pau Preto, an ethnographic contemporary dance company. A fun-shaped performance with unexpected results.

Starts today the Portuguese Competition in the main room with the projection of six films. "Infinito", by André Santos and Marco Leão, "Zoo", by Margarida Leitão, "O Amor é a Solução para a Falta de Argumento", by Jorge Quintela, "Quote Story"by  Raquel Martins, "Peixe Azul", by Tiago Rosa-Rosso and "Maybe...", by Pedro Resende.

The International Competition has today several sessions and at 00:30 it's screened the Music Videos Competition, in Room 1. In competition will be 13 videoclips that defy the dominant conventions of the music video.

This tuesday, also Take One! presents new sessions: Schools in Focus (15:30, Rencontres Henri Langlois; 17:00 ESMAE) and the first session of competition (18:30).

Photos of the Day - 9 July

10 July 2011
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The first day at Curtas was amazing, with full rooms in all sessions.


13º VideoRun Restart

9 July 2011
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It has started one more VideoRun Restart. The teams have now 24 hours to film their project.


Curtas 2010

9 July 2011
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In 2010, Curtas was like this.

Nicolau premières in Portugal

7 July 2011
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The first feature film by director João Nicolau - THE SWORD AND THE ROSE - is now in exhibition at Portuguese theatres, after the world premiere at the Venice Film Festival.

Nicolau is one of the young certainties of the Portuguese cinema after the success of his short films, both premiering in Curtas Vila do Conde: BIRD OF PREY (the first Portuguese winner of the festival's main prize) and SONG OF LOVE AND HEALTH (best film in national competition).

THE SWORD AND THE ROSE is an adventure that expands the filmic universe of João Nicolau: "Manuel bids farewell to his routine and boards a 15th century vessel under pirate law. Treason onboard triggers a series of terrible events that our protagonist overcomes while keeping his moral principles intact."

+info at O SOM E A FÚRIA

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