Films from La Semaine de La Critique available at Festival Scope

19 May 2016
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From 20 to 27 May, several short films from the Official Competition of La Semaine de La Critique of Cannes Film Festival will be available for free online viewing around the world in the public platform of Festival Scope: “En Moi” by Laetitia Casta; “Arnie” by Rina B. Tsou; “Ascensão” by Pedro Peralta; “Campo de Víboras” by Cristèle Alves Meira; “Delusion Is Redemption to Those in Distress” by Fellipe Fernandes; “Birth of Leader” by Antoine de Bary; “Limbo” de Konstantina Kotzamani; “Oh What a Wonderful Feeling” by François Jaros; “In The Year of Monkey” by Wregas Bhanuteja; “The Virgin Soldier” by Erwan Le Duc; “Superbia” by Luca Tóth; “From The Diary of a Wedding Photographer” by Nadav Lapid and “Water Steps” by César Augusto Acevedo.

Only 200 tickets per film will be available worldwide.  

"Night Without Distance" Awarded at San Francisco

12 May 2016
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"Night Without Distance" by Lois Patiño won the prize for Best Short Film at the 59th San Francisco International Film Festival, which took place between April 21 and May 5 in the United States. The film, filmed on the border between Portugal and Spain, is a production by Curtas Vila do Conde and is part of the catalog of films distributed by Agência - Portuguese Short Film Agency.

"Night Without Distance" was part of the Golden Gate Awards Competition for short films narratives. About the competition, the jury, consisting of the programmer Laura Thielen; the Vice President of Film Acquisition of Fandor, Amanda Salazar; and the journalist and producer Santhosh Daniel; considered that "these well-constructed representations connected us with the world and our own humanity in an unexpected way."
Organised by the San Francisco Film Society, the San Francisco Film Festival is the oldest film festival in the Americas.
Produced by Curtas Metragens CRL during the Campus project involving a team of film students, "Night Without Distance" premiered in July 2015 at 23rd Curtas Vila do Conde - International Film Festival. Since then, the short film integrated the circuit of international film festivals, including the Locarno Festival, Toronto, New York and Hong Kong.
The film focuses on the border between Portugal and Galicia, developing the stories that inhabit these spaces, including the role of smuggling in the development of both countries.

Lambchop film concert inspires new short by Bill Morrison

4 April 2016
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The project of a film concert developed for Curtas Vila do Conde 2015, “The Dockworker’s Dream”, joining a film directed by Bill Morisson with the original music composed and performed by Lambchop, was transformed into a brand new film. “The Dockworker’s Dream” is a co-production between Curtas (Portugal) and Hipnotic Pictures (USA).

"Reconversion" in exhibition at Gulbenkian in Paris

30 March 2016
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The documentary “Reconversion”, by Thom Andersen, will be in the exhibition “Les universalistes. 50 ans d`architecture portugaise”, at Cité du Patrimoine & l`Architecture in Paris from April 13 to 29 August.

The exhibition, developed in partnership with Gulbenkian Paris in order to mark the 50th anniversary of the institution in the French capital, presents “50 architectural projects produced especially for the exhibition, graphics and audiovisual documents.”

Produced by Curtas Metragens CRL at the 20th Anniversary of Curtas Vila do Conde, the documentary “Reconversion” portrays 17 buildings and projects by Portuguese architect Eduardo Souto Moura, accompanied usually by his own writings.

"Night Without Distance" at San Francisco Film Festival

30 March 2016
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The short film “Night Without Distance” by Lois Patiño will be in the 59th edition of San Francisco International Film Festival which takes place between April 21 and May 5 . The film will be screened in the Golden Gate Awards Competition for Narrative Short.

The film was produced by Curtas Metragens CRL in 2015 during the Campus project with a group of film students.

"Bear Story" won an Oscar

2 March 2016
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"Bear Story" by the Chilean director Gabriel Osorio Vargas won the Oscar for Best Animated Short Film. The animation was screened at Curtas Vila do Conde in 2015, in the section of the festival dedicated to kids: Curtinhas.

Among the winners of the 88th edition of the Academy Awards that had their films at Curtas Vila do Conde are also Asif Kapadia and Pete Docter. The first, Oscar winner for Best Documentary with "Amy", was in Vila do Conde in 1998 to present the film "The Sheep Thief". Pete Docter, Oscar winner for Best Animated Feature with "Inside Out" presented the short film "Mike's New Car" in Curtas Vila do Conde in 2004.  

The award ceremony of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences took place this Sunday February 28 in Los Angeles.

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