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Thurston Moore at Curtas Vila do Conde

23 May 2019
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The program for STEREO is finished, a section of Curtas Vila do Conde that combines the best of two worlds: music and cinema. The 27th edition of the festival brings to Vila do Conde, Thurston Moore, The Heliocentrics, Montanhas Azuis and a collaboration between Tiago Cutileiro and Marta Navarro.

Thurston Moore moved to New York upon entering adulthood to play punk. Four years later he founded Sonic Youth, a band that changed the way a whole generation thought and performed experimentation in rock. As a solo artist, he is, still today, one of the names that more path breaks in the creation of new languages ​​in collision with the mainstream standards. From improvisation to purest rock, from acoustic composition to noise there seems to be no spaces where Moore does not feel comfortable. The same can be said of the numerous collaborations he made with other artists such as Yoko Ono, David Toop, Cecil Taylor, Faust or Irmin Schmidt (CAN), who still gave him time to do poetry or give writing lessons. In music, he continues to go onstage with The Thurston Moore Group, however he will perform solo in July in Vila do Conde. On this comeback, Thurston Moore has the challenge of composing for a selection of short films by Maya Deren, one of the most iconic American avant-garde filmmakers and one of the first women to build a career as a film director. Witch Cradle, At Land, Ritual in Transfigured Time and Meshes of the Afternoon are the films that will make up this movie-concert.


London psychedelic jazz collective The Heliocentrics have their roots in the ‘90s when drummer Malcolm Catto recorded for Mo’Wax and Jazzman They recorded their breakthrough album for Stones Throw, ‘Out There’ in 2007, and have since then solidified their place among the most interesting names of music of the last decades. Balancing the exotic and the "strange", the universe of The Heliocentrics is vast and evolutionary. Their discography is a document of a journey between the different incarnations of jazz and funk and their incredible list of collaborations is a kind of introduction to the names that marked the post-Mo'Wax movement from MF Doom to Ethio jazz pioneer Mulatu Astatke, from jazzman Lloyd Miller to Afro soul Godfather, Orlando Julius. In July, the collective will  films. A cutting-edge filmmaker, Smith has collected thousands of Victorian magazine prints for decades to create some of the most creative animations American cinema knows. Upholsteries recall the collages of Max Ernst, where spaces in transformation, made up of antiques, artifacts and creatures serve as background for the stories of delirious heroes and heroines.


Three of the most important names of contemporary Portuguese music, alone or in the various projects that inhabit the cultural production of the country, the sonorous universes of Marco Franco, Norberto Lobo and Bruno Pernadas are far from being simple and predictable. Holders of a language in a constant state evolution, conquered with their records some of the most disputed tops of the critics and the wide respect of public and theirs peers. In January they edited Ilha de Plástico under the name Montanhas Azuis, a space for experimentation towards analog instruments, from guitars to synthesizers. Live (in the rare presentations they make) they show us environmental songs, interludes with healing powers, cosmic journeys, folk with jazz frills, and low-resolution electronic landscapes, among other surprising ideas that may arise in the meantime. Or ideas with images, for there is also Pedro Maia involved in all of this, the cinematic guide to this adventurous trip. This event has the support of SPA - Sociedade Portuguesa de Autores.


STEREO opening session will show Das Cabinett Des Dr. Caligari, by Robert Wiene, one of the greatest references of the German expressionist movement in cinema. Cellist Marta Navarro and composer and sound artist Tiago Cutileiro will be responsible for the creation of an original music and interpretation for the film. Commissioned by Curtas this project intends to construct a sonorous environment for the silent story of a hypnotist who commits homicides during crises of somnambulism. This film, which was shot in the autumn of 1919 and almost 100 years ago, gives the motto to the exhibition The Case Caligari, which opens on the first day of the festival, at Solar - Cinematic Art Gallery.


Tickets for these performances cost between 7 and 16 euros and may be purchased at Teatro Municipal de Vila do Conde and at the online box office (BOL).


The 27th Curtas Vila do Conde, which be held from July 6th to 14th, has the support of the MEDIA / Creative Europe program, the Vila do Conde City Hall, the Ministry of Culture, ICA - Cinema and Audiovisual Institute and several others indispensable partners of the festival.



Tiago Cutileiro + Marta Navarro - Das Cabinett Des Dr. Caligari 
Date: Saturday 6 July 17h30
Place: Teatro Municipal de Vila do Conde
Price: €7 (pre-sale until 5th July) / €8 (from 6th July) 
Tickets: here

Thurston Moore with films by Maya Deren
Date: Wednesday, 10 July, 21h00
Place: Teatro Municipal de Vila do Conde
Price: €14 (pre-sale until 5th July) / €16 (from 6th July) 
Tickets: here

The Heliocentrics – Heaven and Earth Magic
Date , 12 July 23h45
Place: Teatro Municipal de Vila do Conde
Preço: €8 (pre-sale until 5th July) /  / €10 (from 6th July) 
Tickets: here

Montanhas Azuis + Pedro Maia
With the support SPA - Sociedade Portugesa de Autores
Date: Saturday, 13 July, 23h45
Local: Teatro Municipal de Vila do Conde
Preço: €7 (pre-sale until 5th July) / €8  (from 6th July)
Tickets: here



Curtinhas looking for jury

17 May 2019
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Are you between 8 and 12 years old? Do you like movies? So we have a challenge for you!
Join the Jury Curtinhas do Curtas Vila do Conde and help choose the best film of the children's competition of the 27th edition of the festival, which will run from July 6 to 14. At the closing ceremony, you will be able to announce the winning film and award the MAR Shopping Matosinhos Awards to the award-winning director.
The elements of this special jury, composed of 15 children, will receive a free-pass for the children's sessions of the 27th Curtas Vila do Conde and a T-shirt Curtinhas.
Subscribe to the e-mail at

About the Curtinhas ...
The Curtinhas is a mini-festival inside the Curtas Vila do Conde that brings together parents and children sharing a week of cinema. This section of the festival, which starts with an animated film for the whole family, is made up of a short film competition, the Playground to Play Cinema and workshops and ludic activities linked to moving images.
With dozens of films in competition, the Competition Curtinhas presents a selection of works from around the world made to think about the youth audience. The winning film will be chosen by a jury composed of children from 8 to 12 years old, who will award the MAR Shopping Matosinhos Fair at the Festival Closing Ceremony on July 14.
During the nine days of the festival, the Children's Playground at Cinema will host various activities for children from 4 to 12 years old, allowing parents to attend the film sessions while their children enjoy a place of fun and learning, under the guidance of a team of trainers. This space will have a schedule coinciding with that of the sessions and a permanent schedule consisting of short ateliers, viewing of films and the performance of other activities related to cinema.

My Generation is the new section of Curtas Vila do Conde

17 May 2019
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The 27th edition of Curtas Vila do Conde, which will run from July 6 to 14, will have a new competitive section, My Generation. Targeting the age group between 14 and 18 years of high schools, it involves four schools in Vila do Conde and Póvoa do Varzim. The films that are part of this competition were chosen by the students of these schools, and will be exhibited in the schools themselves and during the festival, with the presence of the filmmakers. Students will be involved in all phases of the process, in addition to the selection of films, such as the promotion of this action within the school space, the preparation of texts and synopses or the presentation of the sessions and invited filmmakers.

The program, whose winner will be calculated by counting the votes of young audiences in schools and the festival, presents a selection of short films, with fiction, animation and documentary, from several countries. This selection is an opportunity to stimulate the audiovisual literacy of the school community, around moving images.
The 27th Curtas Vila do Conde, which runs from July 6 to 14, has the support of the MEDIA / Creative Europe program, the Vila do Conde City Hall, the Ministry of Culture, the Cinema and Audiovisual Institute and several indispensable partners to the festival.
Participating Schools:
José Régio High School, Vila do Conde
Afonso Sanches High School, Vila do Conde
High School Eça de Queirós, Póvoa de Varzim
Rocha Peixoto High School Póvoa de Varzim
"Albatross Soup" by Winnie Cheung; USA; 7 '; 2018; ANI
"Empty Skies" by Wenting Deng Fisher; USA; 18 '; 2018; FIC
"Fatiya" by Marion Desseigne-Ravel; France; 20 '; 2018; FIC
Patrick Smith's "Gun Shop"; USA; 2'; 2019; ANI
"Le Mans 1955" by Quentin Baillieux; France; 15 '; 2018; ANI
"Malanka" by Paul-Louis Léger, Pascal Messaoudi; France; 14 '; 2018; DOC
"Mort Aux Codes" by Léopold Legrand; France; 14 '; 2018; FIC
"Nefta Football Club" by Yves Piat; France; 17 '; 2018; FIC
"The Sea Enrola na Areia" by Catarina Mourão; Portugal; 15 '; 2019; DOC
"Selfies" by Claudius Gentinetta; Switzerland; 4 '; 2018; ANI
"To Plant a Flag" by Bobbie Peers; Norway, Iceland; 15 '; 2018; FIC
"Untravel" by Ana Nedeljkovic; Serbia; 9 '; 2018; ANI

Closing Party Animar 14

13 May 2019
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Regina Pessoa in Vila do Conde to present her latest film and her work in animation films at the closing party of ANIMAR 14.

The ANIMAR 14 comes to an end with a program for the whole family where the young are the center of attention. The Closing Party will take place on May 25 at the Municipal Theater of Vila do Conde.
In the last three months, the Solar - Cinematic Art Gallery team has intensively promoted several activities dedicated to the training of the youngest for the cinema: cinema sessions, movie studios, pixilation workshops, optical toys and stop- motion "and guided visits to the patent exhibition, among others. From elementary to secondary education, more than two thousand students from the North region were able to participate in this project, both in school context and beyond.
In this edition, the program includes the presentation of short films made during ANIMAR 14, the presentation of the prizes of the illustration contest and the presentation of the full retrospective in animation of Regina Pessoa, with the presence of the director, whose high point will be the debut of his latest film "Uncle Thomas, Accounting For The Days".
Until Saturday, May 24, it will still be possible to visit the exhibition ANIMAR 14, a patent in the Solar - Galeria de Arte Cinematic, and the next day will be the closing party at the Municipal Theater of Vila do Conde starting at 4 pm.
4:00 pm: Short films produced in ateliers and reporting on all activities;
4:30 pm: Presentation of prizes of the ANIMAR Illustration Contest 14;
17:00: Premiere of Regina Pessoa's new film, "Uncle Thomas, Accounting For The Days", with the presence of the director
retrospective of his work in animation cinema

"Party Day" at Cannes

22 April 2019
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"Party Day", short film by the Portuguese director Sofia Bost, will have its world premiere at the Semaine de la Critique's competition of the Cannes Film Festival

"Party Day", the first short film by the Portuguese director Sofia Bost, was selected to be part of the official competition of the Semaine de la Critique of the Cannes Film Festival, which takes place between 15th and 23rd of May, in France.
Produced by Uma Pedra no Sapato and promoted international by Agência - Portuguese Short Film Agency, "Party Day" follows Mena on the birthday of her daughter Clara, and has the participation of actresses Rita Martins, Melissa Matos, Teresa Madruga, Sandra Celas, Mariana Silva, Sara Gonçalves and Fernanda Neves.
Sofia Bost revealed that "the film looks at the complexity of the relationships between mothers and daughters, a subject that has interested me for a long time and that I had already begun to explore in film school. When I read Tiago Bastos Capitão's script, I knew immediately that it was the right project for me."
Sofia Bost was born in Lausanne, Switzerland, in 1986, and graduated in Communication Sciences in Lisbon. She completed her Masters degree in Filmmaking at the London Film School and lives and works in Lisbon.
Created in 1962 by the French Union of Film Critics as a parallel section of the Cannes Film Festival, Critic's Week focuses on discovering new talents. The past editions, films by Portuguese directors such as Carlos Conceição, Pedro Peralta and Cristéle Alves Meira were screened. The film selection committees, composed of critics who are members of the French Union of Film Critics, hence reveal the very unique universes of emerging talents. "Party Day" will run for the Leica Cine Discovery Prize for short films. In addition, the Gan Foundation Award for Distribution, the SACD Prize and the Canal + Prize for short films will be awarded.
Besides the screening in Cannes, La Semaine de la Critique’s scope of action includes accompanying the selected short film directors through Next Step. Sofia Bost will attend a one week workshop in December, with the purpose of helping her step further towards feature film.

Carte Blache to João Nicolau at Curtas Vila do Conde

15 April 2019
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As part of the celebration of its 20th anniversary, Agencia - Portuguese Short Film Agency presents the initiative "Carte Blanche to Portuguese Filmmakers", which is travelling to Portuguese film festivals, from north to south of Portugal, in the timespan of a year, with special screenings of 21st century Portuguese short film cinematography. Curtas Vila do Conde participates in the initiative with invited director João Nicolau, who will  present a Carte Blanche during the festival, held from July 6th to 14th.


The "Carte Blanche to the Filmmakers" is a Portuguese cinema cycle, thought to be an inverted process, by inviting the people who think and create cinema - the filmmakers - to put themselves in the role of a programmer and make a revisitation to Portuguese Cinema by conceiving a short film program.
This project, carried out by the Agencia with the participation of twenty Portuguese film festivals and the indispensable collaboration of the filmmakers who accepted the challenge, has the financial support of the Film and Audiovisual Institute and is meant to be another significant step in a set of future initiatives towards film culture.
The celebration of the 20th anniversary of Agencia will also include the publication of a book on Portuguese cinema of the 21st century, coordinated and edited by Daniel Ribas and Paulo Cunha, Portuguese cinema researchers with extensive bibliography and regular collaborators Curtas Vila do Conde. This book, scheduled to be release in October, will feature texts by Augusto Seabra, Haden Guest, Adrian Martin, Leo Goldsmith, Roger Koza, Carmen Gray, Cíntia Gil, Iván Villarmea, Tiago Baptista, Pascale Cassagnau, Olivier Cotte and Martin Pawley.
This project carried out by the Agencia, with the participation of the participating festivals and the indispensable collaboration of the filmmakers who joined the challenge, has the financial support of the Film and Audiovisual Institute and intends to be another significant step in a set of future initiatives in favor of our film culture.


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