Highlights of the day : July 9th

9 July 2017
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On this second day of Curtas Vila do Conde, there are many reasons to visit the festival! 

"Mariphasa", by Sandro Aguilar, has its world premiere today, at 9.15pm. The main character of the film is named Paulo and works as a night guard in an industrial complex. The other long-cut filme being showed today is "24 Frames", a posthumous film by Abbas Kiarostami, showing a collection of 24 four and a half minute movies inspired by still images, like photos and paintings. 

Today, we are having a special session, at 5pm, with the exhibition of local movies from Vila do Conde. "Vaza", by José Manuel Sá and Paulo Pinto, tells Vania's story, a teenager from Caxinas that has a connection to the sea, like her whole family. "A Tale of Two Cities", by Morag Brennan e Steve Harrison is a film about Póvoa de Varzim in the 50's and 60's, showing the reality of both its local community and tourists. 

The International Competition starts today, with three sessions at 6.30pm, 8pm and 11.30pm, showing some of the selected movies from one of the most waited competitions of the festival, that features some of the best films in contemporary cinema. 

In today's Carte Blanche, we have the choices by Inês Nadais, Adolfo Luxuria Canibal, Tiago Alves, Inês Meneses e José Miguel Gaspar: "Oh Dear", by Nicolas Provost, "Meshes of the Afternoon", by Maya Deren e Alexender Hammid, "Corrente", by Rodrigo Areias, "Vacancy", by Matthias Muller, and Frankenweenie, by Tim Burton. 

This Sunday, Curtas returns to the place where it all began: the Auditório Municipal de Vila do Conde, where the first 18 editions of the festival occurred. 
In this place, at 6pm, we will have the presentation of book, celebrating the festival's birthday: "Curtas Vila do Conde: 25 Anos, 25 Histórias" is composed by 25 personalities (film critics, musicians, directors, writers, journalists) that have been in Vila do Conde. This texts reveal Curta's story, the one that has been told only as a secret. Memories of those who have been inside the festival. 
Participating in the book: José Miguel Gaspar (journalist); Marcos Cruz (journalist), Pedro Marta Santos (writer and journalist); João Lopes (film critic); Valter Hugo Mãe(writer); Manuela Azevedo (from the band "Clã"); Eduardo Brito (screenwriter, director and photoprapher); Francisco Ferreira (film critic); Inês Meneses (journalist); Inês Nadais (journalist); Jorge Mourinha (journalist); João Faria (designer); Ricardo Alexandre (journalist); Rodrigo Affreixo (journalist); Pedro Paixão (writer); Sabrina Marques (film critic); Adolfo Luxúria Canibal (from the band "Mão Morta"); Cláudia Marques Santos (journalist); Miguel Gomes (director); Paulo Furtado (The Legendary Tigerman); Rui Poças (director of photography); Tiago Alves (journalist); Daniel Ribas(film critic and film programmer); António Rodrigues (film programmer) e José Vieira Mendes (journalist). 

Simultaneously, we inaugurate the photo exhibition "The Glory of FIlmmaking in Portugal", a tribute to a group of people that, from acting to technic work, from directing to filme criticism, helped and help making cinema in Portugal and that, in last years, have been in the festival. 

Still in Auditório Municipal, Evols will preform thei most recent album "Evols III". 

Today's party will be at Cacau Café-Bar, with TAM (Wasser Bassin Records). 

Tickets are at sale at Teatro Municipal's ticket office, at Auditório Municipal and the online Ticket Office.