1st edition
18, 19 and 20 July


Based on the multiple concepts of Expanded Cinema, performative cinema or live cinema, the objective of this workshop is to provide a basis for the different expressions of intervention techniques in live film through projections 16mm and luminous artifacts. The projection of the film is thus transformed, in order to open the way to a sensorial event through the projection or proposed actions from the reinvention of the filmic device itself.


The focus will be the manipulation of image and sound content in the celluloid and in the projection apparatus and the use of instruments of improvisation and cinematographic action. Cut, paste, recompose. Through intense experimentation, it is intended to create 16mm film loops with image and optical sound to compose a multiple visual-sound projection. The result should be a collective performative film.


The workshop will be guided by Adriana Vila and Luis Macías (Crater Lab). It has an expected duration of 3 days (18, 19 and 20 July), including 12 hours of workshop.




Inscriptions accepted until 30.06.2018 via form


Recipients: Any filmmaker, artist or creative person interested in exploring the materiality of the cinema and its devices


Maximum number of participants: 10


Price: 60 Euros (with Free-Pass); 30 Euros (without Free-Pass)

(Free Pass entitles you to attend all festival sessions, except for exceptions noted in the program)


Duration: 12h / 3 days


Tutors: Adriana Vila and Luis Macías (Crater-Lab) 


Topics to be addressed: 16mm film manipulation, performative cinema, live cinema, expanded cinema