• IN BETWEEN Sandro Aguilar

    Sandro Aguilar

    Luís Vieira Campos
Sandro Aguilar, 2001
Portugal, FIC, 00:25:00,
A man works in a disemboweled building in construction. His labour produces many, many sparks that spread out in fascinating yellow rays. In the distance, the day comes to an end in a melancholic twilight where the blurred lights of cars heading home stand out. The man is at work but his condition is one of deep loneliness. His morning gait and evening rest reveal a heavy tiredness. Absence is sensed in the small gestures. Someone has disappeared and will not come back. A burnt photograph and clothes that show up only allow us to feel that sadness of existence. In the background we see Porto, perhaps as we have never seen it before, wrapped in grey fog and anachronistic taverns, where the sun seems to have never gone in. Made as a commission from Porto 2001 – European Capital of Culture, "In Between" is Sandro Aguilar’s first masterpiece (preceded by other promising short films), made in an austere style that owed much to the Russian masters from whom the filmmaker would end up withdrawing. It would also be the natural winner of the Portuguese Competition of Curtas Vila do Conde in 2011 and one of the standards of the Shorts Generation then taking its first steps. As Aguilar brilliantly explained, in "In Between" "it is not important to tell the story; it is important to guess it through its path, through its objects, through its ghostly form: almost as a ghost that is visually absent from the story, that is present in each of the shots. As if the gaze were his". (Daniel Ribas)  
PRODUCTION O Som e a Fúria; Sociedade Porto 2001 COPY CONTACT Liliana Costa - AGENCIA - Portuguese Short Film Agency; +351252646683, liliana@curtas.pt, www.curtas.pt/agencia SCRIPT Sandro Aguilar PHOTOGRAPHY Paulo Ares EDITING Sandro Aguilar SOUND Luis Botelho MAIN ACTORS Américo Castanheira, Maria João Teixeira