[C] Competition International Experimental Portuguese Take One! Curtinhas Music Videos
  • International
    The international competition of Curtas Vila do Conde presents the best examples of visual narratives, through a set of remarkable thematic and geographic diversity films.
  • Experimental
    One of the great traditions of film history is the one related to the vanguards: artists and filmmakers who dared to look ahead, experimenting with the physical and conceptual nature of cinema. I
  • Portuguese
    The best Portuguese short films of the past year.
  • Take One!
    Dedicated to school films, the competition Take One! presents the most promising short-films directed by Portuguese students, enrolled in Portuguese Universities or in cinema schools or filmmaking courses abroad.
  • Curtinhas
    Cinema and audiovisual are part of the everyday life of children. Thus, education for the cinema is essential to a correct perception of the world and moving image. For this, Curtas Vila do Conde created Curtinhas, the section of the festival where children and teens are the most demanding public. This minifestival consists of a competitive section for 3, 6 and 9 years old, where kids also compose the jury. The official selection of 2017 will present films from several countries.
  • Music Videos
    Now dedicated to Portuguese productions, the Music Videos Competition of Curtas Vila do Conde brings the long nights back with the screening of these films that prove that they are an experimentation of the potential of moving images combined with pop music.