• O RECADO José Fonseca e Costa
3 OUT, 21:45, Teatro Municipal Sala Dois

    José Fonseca e Costa
José Fonseca e Costa, 1971
Portugal, FIC, 01:50:00
In this film, José Fonseca e Costa takes a look at a bourgeois class in the late 60s. It is a double look: on the one hand, it shows Portugal’s social changes, and on the other, it points to a kind of torpor in the characters’ social lives, caused by a political analysis of the Portuguese historical context. “The Message” is a film of contrasts: between a bourgeois reality and the harsh world of marginal political combat; and within that bourgeois reality, between those who live life happily and those who question the status quo; between the hustle and bustle of the city and the serenity of the countryside; between women and men. The result is a narrative about class and power during castrating times. (DR)  
PRODUCTION Centro Português de Cinema/CPC; Unifilme, Tritón Films COPY CONTACT Cinemateca Portuguesa; +351213596250, cinemateca@cinemateca.pt, www.cinemateca.pt SCRIPT José Fonseca e Costa PHOTOGRAPHY Roberto Ochoa EDITING José Fonseca e Costa SOUND Luís Barão, Heliodoro Pires MUSIC Rui Cardoso MAIN ACTORS Maria Cabral, Paco Nieto, José Viana, Luís Filipe Rocha, Luís Marin, António Beringela, Luís Barradas, Paula Ferreira, Constança Navarro, Fernando Santos Silva, Álvaro Santos, Adelaide João, António Polónio, Sacadura Bretzz, Abel Vieira de Castro, Maria José, Lena Alpoim, Manuel Crespo, António Alberto, Paulo Gil, António Gil Chorão, João Bénard da Costa e Helena Vaz da Silva