• PANQUIACO Ana Elena Tejera
4 OUT, 17:00, Teatro Municipal Sala Um

    Ana Elena Tejera
Ana Elena Tejera, 2020
Panama, DOC, 01:25:00
Legend has it that an indigenous man named Panquiaco, in the land known today as Panama, was the one who showed Spanish explorer Vasco Nunez de Balboa the overland path from the Caribbean Sea to the South Sea, making him the first European to spot what would later be known as the Pacific Ocean. Cebaldo is a Panamanian emigrant working in the fishing industry in northern Portugal, having left his home country when he was still very young. Now, aged 67, tired and homesick, he decides to return home after a long time away. Ana Elena Tejera’s movie thus creates a parallel between these two stories, tracking Cebaldo’s return with a gorgeous and poetic hybrid between documentary and fiction. Cebaldo’s journey is a spiritual one, not just towards his absent past, but also through the history of the country he left behind when he emigrated. Like the country itself, located between two distinct bodies of water, Cebaldo tries to find his place, his own story, his identity. (JA)  
PRODUCTION Ana Elena Tejera - Mestizo Cinema; Maria Isabel Burnes - Too Much Productions, Tomás Cortés Rosselot - Cine Animal, S.A, mestizocinema@gmail.com COPY CONTACT Lidia Damatto; +5511972930629, ldamatto@gmail.com SCRIPT Ana Elena Tejera PHOTOGRAPHY Mateo Guzmán Sánchez EDITING Lorenzo Mora, Ariadna Ribas Surís, Ana Elena Tejera SOUND Juan Camilo Martínez Idárraga MAIN ACTORS Cebaldo De León Smith, Fernando Fernández, Comunidad Campo Laurel, Comunidad de Ustupu, Kinyapiler Johnson González, Kandurguilabaler Morales González, Manuel Salvador Pereira Sencadas, José preira Sencadas, Manuel Pereira Sencadas, Nuno Marques Pinto