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    Leonor Noivo

    Filipe Melo

    Théo Dégen
Leonor Noivo, 2021
Portugal, FIC, 00:28:00
Trivial everyday moments set the tone for reflections on contemporary societies’ way of life, in which human, affective, and social relations have become precarious. Maria, a middle-aged woman going through a period of physical and emotional transformation, lives a frustrated existence, moving drably between home and work. Feeling unhappy, and foreshadowing the imminence of death, Maria dreams in silence and isolation of a physical and emotional regeneration, a symbolic dawn that will allow her to (re)encounter with (her) nature. Her daughter Isabel, who has just become a mother, does not know how to get closer to her mom without straying from her own world. After “Mould” (2005), “The City and the Sun” (2012, Jury Honorable Mention), and “September” (2016), Leonor Noivo returns to Curtas with yet another story steeped in feminine about the complex human and emotional relationships. (PC)  
PRODUCTION João Matos - Terratreme, COPY CONTACT Pedro Peralta - Terratreme; 351212415754,, PHOTOGRAPHY Vasco Viana EDITING Mariana Gaivão, Raul Domingues SOUND Olivier Blanc, Rafael Cardoso, Nuno Carvalho MAIN ACTORS Alexandra Espiridião, Ana Teresa Magalhães, Lilia Trajano, Isabel Costa