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    Nicolas Gourault

    Ian de la Rosa

    Paulo Patrício
Nicolas Gourault, 2020
France, ANI, 00:20:00
The idea of a car able to drive itself, autonomously and with no human intervention, has long been a part of the sci-fi imagery. Recently, due to various technological advancements and the investment of several companies, which saw in this possibility a solution for their loss-making businesses, this dream seemed about to come true. “VO” thus comes up as an almost forensic investigation into what went wrong when, in 2018, one of the tests of this new technology ended in a tragedy with huge media repercussion: an error in human supervision, a failure of the artificial intelligence, or a mix of both? Methodically, Nicolas Gourault presents the different hypotheses, resorting to the testimony of those involved, news clips, and graphic simulations of the AI’s system for visualizing and interpreting the tangible world, leaving some reticence regarding the near future of this possibility. This is the debut of Frenchman Nicolas Gourault at Curtas. (JA)  
PRODUCTION Luc-Jérôme Bailleul, Natalia Trebik - Le Fresnoy - Studio National des Arts Contemporains, COPY CONTACT Wouter Jansen - Square Eyes; 31622076717,, SCRIPT Nicolas Gourault PHOTOGRAPHY Nicolas Gourault, Alan Guichaoua EDITING Félix Rehm SOUND Arno Ledoux