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  • SWIMMER Lynne Ramsay
17 JUL, 22:15, Teatro Municipal Sala Dois

    Lynne Ramsay

    Lynne Ramsay
Lynne Ramsay, 2012
United Kingdom, FIC, 00:16:51
This short film by Lynne Ramsay, commissioned by the 2012 Olympic Games that took place in London, follows a swimmer on his way to his daily training, through different British waterways, echoing the necessary mental abstraction to endure the training effort for such a long time. What we experience is not the solitude of a long-distance runner (as in the 1962’s film of Tony Richardson, to which Ramsay refers to), but rather the solitude of the swimmer. This is a symbolic path through the rivers and lakes of the United Kingdom, which intersperses beautiful images of the swimmer in his natural scenario with sequences of memories of his childhood passing through his mind, a true jump into the subconscious. (JA)  
PRODUCTION Peter Carlton, Diarmid Scrimshaw COPY CONTACT Warp Films; 442076127330,, SCRIPT Lynne Ramsay PHOTOGRAPHY Natasha Braier EDITING Adam Biskupski SOUND Paul Davies MUSIC Rory Stewart Kinnear MAIN ACTORS Tom Litten