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  • THE BAD AND THE BEAUTIFUL Vincente Minnelli
22 JUL, 22:00, Teatro Municipal Sala Dois

    Vincente Minnelli
Vincente Minnelli, 1952
USA, FIC, 01:58:00
Jonathan Shields (played by Kirk Douglas) is a relentless film producer whose toxic personality and excessive ambition alienate anyone who has ever worked with him. Nearly 20 years after leaving Shields' productions, three of his former collaborators are called by a studio executive to work on one of his feature films: a director (Barry Sullivan), an actress (Lana Turner) and a screenwriter (Dick Powell). Each one of them was deceived and betrayed by the producer, who shows, on the film, different sides of his character and his ruthless rise in the world of cinema. This is shown through a narrative device that uses several flashbacks, where the three former partners narrate their own experience with this man who, while contributing to their successful careers, almost destroyed their lives. The most celebrated genre of Vincente Minnelli's cinema are his dazzling musicals (“Meet Me In St. Louis”, “An American In Paris”, “The Band Wagon”) but his work goes far beyond these, and the melodramas he directed in the 1950s are among his most accomplished and personal films. “The Bad and the Beautiful” stands out among them and its mix of melodrama and film noir (due to the amazing use of light and shadow in Robert Surtees’ exquisite photography but also for its foray into the darker side of the human mind) makes it a unique work of its kind. The film captures magnificently the fascination of Hollywood at the studios’ zenith, while showing us the dark side of the world of cinema, in a sometimes cynical and cruel vision, but which also reveals love and tenderness for characters, even the most destructive and amoral, refusing any simplistic judgment that its deeply caustic and bitter style might reveal. Instead, Minnelli's interest is in the complexity of the human being, and in how Jonathan Shields' rise and decay – success, failure, loneliness and a certain madness – make him, through his weaknesses, more humanized. Apparently, Hollywood enjoyed seeing itself in the mirror, awarding “The Bad and the Beautiful” with five Academy Awards, though Minnelli's powerful and confident direction and the extraordinary Kirk Douglas and Lana Turner interpretations had no awards. (MD)  
PRODUCTION John Houseman - Warner Bros. Pictures COPY CONTACT Park Circus,, SCRIPT Charles Schnee PHOTOGRAPHY Robert L. Surtees EDITING Conrad A. Nervig MUSIC David Raksin MAIN ACTORS Lana Turner, Kirk Douglas, Walter Pidgeon, Gloria Grahame