• THE FULL STORY Daisy Jacobs

    Daisy Jacobs
Daisy Jacobs, Chris Wilder, 2017
United Kingdom, ANI , 00:07:30
It has been clearly understood that, right from the beginning, with her first work, "Don Justino de Neve", painting promoted her creativity. This film, a very short animation, was a heretical reinterpretation of a biography of a 16th-century Seville priest, immortalized in a framework of the contemporary and friend Bartolomé Esteban Murillo. But Daisy Jacobs paints with an expressionist fluidity that sets her apart from the Baroque formalism of Murillo and his characters, built to scale, on the walls of the studio. They do not live forever frozen under the watchful eyes of a dog, as it has happened to father Justino. As she had already done in the multi award-winning "The Bigger Picture", her second work, swinging between the two-dimensional nature of works of art and the three-dimensionality of objects or real bodies, in "The Full Story" the English director explores, once again, the complexity of family life. This time, from the memories created by an empty, or almost empty, house she reveals that, selling it is a preparation for closing the door to a life. (AC)
PRODUCTION Elliott Tagg; Geof Morgan COPY CONTACT Daisy Jacobs; +447720394588, daisyjacobs@btinternet.com SCRIPT Daisy Jacobs PHOTOGRAPHY Max Williams EDITING Vera Simmonds SOUND Jonas Jensen MUSIC Huw Bunford ANIMATION Daisy Jacobs MAIN ACTORS Ben Aldridge, Paterson Joseph, Scott Handy, Christine Kavanagh, Emrhys Cooper, Benedick Blythe