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  • AMERICA Garrett Bradley
Garrett Bradley, 2019
USA, DOC , 00:27:00
In 2014, the MoMA restored and released a never before seen silent film from 1913. “Lime Klin Club Field Day” had an exclusively African-American cast, an inter-racial production team and a Caribbean director. It is estimated that 70% of all the films made in the USA between 1912 and 1929 have disappeared and that many of those may have been the work of African-American artists. “America” aims at filling History’s gaps. Challenging the formal bounds between film and photography, archive and documentary, director Garrett Bradley intertwines excerpts from “Lime Klin Club Field Day” and twelve stories, filmed in 35 mm, in New Orleans, depicting important characters or events in Afro-American history. Thus, these long lost films are evoked, starting in 1915, the release year of “The Birth Of A Nation”, until 1926, when pioneer pilot Bessie Coleman was projected from her plane to her death. By calling her film “America” Bradley dismisses the idea of Black American cinema as a “wave” or a “movement”, presenting it instead as a continuous and simultaneous reality, not always highly charged, but joyful and normal, repopulating American cinema imagery anew. (IR)
PRODUCTION Lauren Domino, Catherine Gund - Aubin Pictures, COPY CONTACT Bedatri D. Choudhury - Aubin Pictures; 12122740551,, SCRIPT Garrett Bradley PHOTOGRAPHY Zac Manuel, Brian Richard EDITING Garrett Bradley SOUND Udit Duseja MUSIC Trevor Mathison MAIN ACTORS Donna Crump, Edward Spots