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The retrospective that 7th Curtas Vila do Conde dedicated in 1999 to the Russian filmmaker Alexander Sukorov (b. 1951) – that didn’t take place in 1998 due to the inability of the filmmaker to travel to Vila do Conde - consisted of the presentation of all their work with less than 60 minutes ( short films on video and film) , with the exception of "Patience Labour" term that the author considers a job study from its director of photography and inappropriate for public presentation, and "To the Events in the Transcaucasian Region" that Sokurov believes that it isn’t understandable or relevant without knowing the political context of Russia of that time . The films "The Degraded" and "Empire" were shown for the first time outside of Russia and only their copies are found.


Between 1978 and 1987, Sokurov made ​​three feature films, two fiction short films and six documentaries, unusual and not conformist works, which did not escape the censure of the Stat. It is mainly through Andrei Tarkovsky, living in exile, that Sokurov, forbidden to work professionally, is transformed into a cause and a fund is created to help hum. In 1987, this recognition, the transformation of the Soviet Union and the efforts of the Union of Professional Cinema of the USSR, result finally in the release of his films. Thereafter, the Russian filmmaker shoots various films and became known as one of the most fascinating Russian filmmakers, being awarded at numerous festivals.


This retrospective dedicated to the Russian filmmaker was followed by Manoel de Oliveira who recorded in video a conversation about movies, art and religion with about 3 hours which was later been presented in the program of the Festival of Turin dedicated to Portuguese filmmaker, in 2000, and in the 16º edition of Curtas Vila do Conde that honored Manoel Oliveira for his 100 years and the close cooperation developed since its first edition of the Festival.