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During the roaring years of the American avant-garde, since the 50’s, the cinema had a leading role in supporting new artistic practices. For this group of artists, the motion picture was an amazing field to explore. Bruce Conner, director of some of the most significant works of experimental cinema, lived that time as one of the most important faces, even if he wasn’t the most popular. Conner went through his learning path between the beat generation, the magic mushrooms in Mexico, until the encounter with another precursor of the central names of experimental cinema, Stan Brakhage.


In its long journey, Bruce Conner is considered by many as the creator of the music video. With a central work in the 60s and 70s, his films demonstrate an urgency to work the film in harmony with the music. With a bold aesthetic (repetitions, overlapping, slow motion, manipulation of archival footage), Conner defined the future of experimental films and music videos. Curtas Vila do Conde dedicated a session to the author in the 201, part of the STEREO program, showing some of its most charismatic films.