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Carlos Conceição



Curtas Vila do Conde awareness of Carlos Conceição's career started already with his early works. In 2014 Curtas awarded his film “Good Night Cinderella”, but earlier he had already presented “Versailles” and would return with “Wake Up Leviathan”, “Bad Bunny” and “Secret to Kill”. Meanwhile, Conceição has been building a solid international path that has received the attention and recognition of festivals and critics: “Versailles” (2013) was selected for Locarno and Mar del Plata; “Goodnight Cinderella” (2014) was selected for the Semaine de la Critique de Cannes; “Bad Bunny” (2017) was nominated for Queer Palme de Cannes and was selected for the Rio de Janeiro Festival. More than documenting, Carlos Conceição's cinema proposes a reexamination or reinvention of consolidated narratives, a process that is admittedly subjective, emotional and subversive: in “Bad Bunny”, it approaches the fairy tale and melodrama; "Goodnight Cinderella" revisits the classic story of Cinderella and the crystal shoe; in "Serpentarius" he looks at Angola as a transformed space between the end of colonialism and rural tribes.