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Charles & Ray Eames were one of the most famous couples in the world of design, and authors of an important and remarkable work of architecture and modern furniture. Charles Eames was an architect and Ray, his partner, was an artist and designer. For a long time the work was only signed by Charles, but later it was realized that the involvement of women was essential. In addition to its iconic piece of furniture design, the couple developed a long work in the field of cinema, directing several short films.


In the 11th edition of Curtas Vila do Conde, in 2003, the festival hosted a long retrospective of the authors, comparing their work in film, with an exhibition of their furniture. In the festival catalog, a text by Eames Demetrios, we can read: "Since the beginning, Charles and Ray saw the film as part of their world, and as they tried to create a work of greater universal value, the communication has become a logical area to which they devoted some attention. Already [in a ] letter from 1941 , Charles seemed to anticipate that they will direct nonfiction films, particularly films that could openly express an idea to the audience. ( ... ) Charles once said that the films «born as a result of one of two things : either it is a logical extension of some immediate problem that we are working , or is anything we want to do for some time and we can’t delay further»."