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The presence of films by Daniele Cipri and Franco Maresco in Vila do Conde has been a constant since the Festival dedicated a retrospective to them in 2001 , under the theme "Cynical Cinema". The movie of this Sicilian duo of filmmakers, considered by Stefano della Casa as "one of the few interesting novelties of the Italian cinema in the last years", focuses on different centers of interests. The retrospective in 2001 , in collaboration with the Cinemateca Portuguesa, was divided in three programs , which included a selection of early works of Cipri and Maresco made ​​for Italian television,  amazing films that captured the absurdities of life. We must give special attention to the film "Lo zio di Brooklyn", which served as a pretext for describing doomsday , apocalypse , through a gallery of surreal characters, and " Enzo, domani a Palermo!" , an exciting and incredible journey through the history of Enzo Castagna, "the best festival producer of the world".


In the 13th edition of Curtas Vila do Conde, the film “Come Inguaiamo Il Cinema Italiano" had its national premiere in the programming “Work in Progress”. This is a documentary of entertainment and a film about the Sicilian duo of comedians, Franco Franchi and Ciccio Ingrassia, and that populated the imagination of all those who were regular programming of Cine-Teatro Neiva in Vila do Conde in late 60’s and 70’s . In this film Cipri and Maresco pay homage to the pair of actors who started their careers in the streets of Palermo and became incredibly popular, first in theater and television and later in movies. The style of Franco, with a vaudeville background and physical humor can be compared to Jerry Lewis. Between 1964 and 1968 Franco and Ciccio acted in over 38 films, most of them by Lucio Fulci. We can see the pair of actors acting with a Buster Keaton in an Italian war film directed by Mario Bava. His career in the cinema led them to be directed by Fellini, Pasolini , among others filmmakers .Cipri and Maresco chose for this movie the funniest and important fragments taken from a mountain of archival material to make a hilarious and smart portrait of Franco and Ciccio.