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F. J. Ossang

F. J. Ossang


F. J. Ossang it's a prolific artist: writer, editor, poet and musician, has on its resumé a collection of twenty books and a band, the MKB's (Messageros Killers Boys). His cinematographic activity has been scattered, but still essential to understand Ossang's artistic commitment, whose career has been defined by an eminently "punk" attitude, causing his artistic establishment. The author returned to the festival which he previously participated with three shortcuts, being awarded at the Experimental Competition, in 2009, for "Vladivostok".


After spending his childhood in the Cantal area, Ossang lived the 70's in Toulouse, a time heavily defined by editorial activity- the literary magazine Cée (1977-1979, co-edited with Christian Bourgois) and the publisher Céeditions, responsible for the publishing authors such has Stanislas Rodanski, Claude Pélieu or Robert Cordier. In the 80's he moves to Paris, studying at the prestigious IDHEC school, place where he directed two shortcuts and his first full-length movie.


His first work is defined, from the beginning, by various literary and political inspirations, like the situationists William S. Burroughs ou Louis-Ferdinand Céline. His band, the MKB's, is also the result of a fusion of punk and industrial music, self-naming his style as Noise'N'Roll. This mixture of influences transpires also in its' movies, filled with a particular style going from a post-apocalyptic world and science-fiction to get closer to punk and film noir. The silent film and expressionism also have a fundamental strength on its' work.


Because of its' idiosyncratic style, Ossang has an irregular career, beginning in the 80's and with long periods of filmic abstinence. Dharma Guns, from 2010, is the movie the precedes 9 Doigts, his most recent work, filmed in Portugal and that hasn't premiered yet. Curiously, the director has a close relationship with Portugal, where he previously filmed Le Tresor de Iles Chiennes (1990/1991), working with Portuguese actors such as Diogo Dória, José Wallenstein and Pedro Hestnes.


This complete retrospective at Curtas Vila do Conde presented one of the most secretive contemporary filmmakers. F. J. Ossang was at the festival to present his movies, with Elvire, his muse and main actress in a lot of his movies.