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One of the biggest filmmakers of American cinema, Gus Van Sant has an iconoclastic career since the 90s , especially in a division between studio films and experimental films . Some of his films became the most outstanding works of the last twenty years. He debuted with "Mala Noche" from 1985 - a film still of cult - and his last work was from 2011: the drama "Restless". His films are mostly long meditations on death and on the inner feelings of his characters.


One of the greatest examples of his film is "Elephant", a fiction originating in the brutal mass murder at Columbine High School , which combines in a labyrinth narrative, the view of many protagonists of that tragic day . "Elephant ", by Gus Van Sant, won the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival . In the introspective and experimental search , if other films include limit as " Gerry ," " Last Days " ( about the last days of Kurt Cobain ) or " Paranoid Park " . One of its most radical experiments was the remake of " Psycho " by Alfred Hitchcock filmed so exactly equal , plan - by - plan.


In parallel with this career risk - and that is responsible for the brand image of the author - Gus Van Sant has made films within the industry, as is the case of "Good Will Hunting " in 1997 , which catapulted Matt Damon for stardom . In recent years, he was also the director of the multi - award-winning "Milk ," a biopic about Harvey Milk, a gay rights activist . For these two films, the filmmaker was nominated for an Oscar for Best Director .


Gus Van Sant was one of the most important guests of 3rd Curtas Vila do Conde in 1995. He attended to the Festival and presented a program of his short films made ​​between the late 70s and early 90s. Almost all are part of an ambitious project of the director to shoot small autobiographical documentaries over the years. All of them are small signs of the life time of the director. Also in this program, two films based on texts by William Burroughs and a movie shot with the Red Hot Chili Peppers were presented.


Aside from this program, Gus Van Sant also curated a selection of short films, that included films from authors like Chantal Ackerman , Jim Jarmusch or Joanna Priestly. In the text accompanying this selection , Gus Van Sant defined what it called attention to these films , something that today we can see how a definition of its own future work (to date) : " They will certainly realize that something they all have in common is a certain experimental trend, although also commune a certain dramatic flair."