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THou Hsiao Hsien is today, one of the fundamental names of the global cinema, with a work that distinguishes itself by it aesthetical and historical rigor, when facing the most troublesome aspects of the political past of his country. In his films, part documentary part fiction, he uses formal innovations, creating a tense and dramatic atmosphere that emanate from a rigorous and clear narrative.


Despite being born in 1947 in Meixian, China, he spent most of his childhood in the south of Taiwan. After having served his military service in 1969, Hou Hsiao Hslen studied cinema in the National Academy of Art, having completed it in 1972. After his debut in 1980 with “Cute Girls” and other films directed in the meantime, Hou Hsiao Hsien gains international relevance with an award in Berlin, in1985, with “A Time to Live, a Time to Die”. In 1989 he wins the Golden Lion in Venice with “A City of Sadness”. During the 90’s and the 2000’s he presents several works in Cannes, like “Millenium Mambo” in 2004 (Grand Prize) and “Three Times” (see photo) in 2005.


On Curtas 2006, Hou Hsiao Hsien was one of the “In Focus” filmmakers. Some of his most celebrated feature films were showcased. In the interview published on that years catalog, the author revealed. “When I was younger and started filming, much of my work was based on the accumulation of personal experiences. Once you start having these experiences, you also gain an ability to start understanding other people and it is this understanding of others that allows us to broaden our view on reality. But after almost a decade of filmmaking, I understood that a person get used to certain things and start acquiring habits. Recently, the gap between films is being increasingly bigger and, due to my age, I have the tendency to think even more”.