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Isaki Lacuesta



Isaki Lacuesta is a filmmaker of the 21st century, an author whose work with moving images, whether produced for the cinema, whether intended for exhibition spaces, explores with vitality the new expressive possibilities, seeking to overcome the established limits. At the same time, he is a filmmaker of the 20s of the 20th century, due to his fascination with the German expressionist movement, especially his obsession with the scientist-sorcerer, a figure that is constructed in an ambiguous and contradictory way, and for the mysterious play between light and the shadow, with all the phantasmagoria inherent to it. The In Focus author of the 28th edition, Lacuesta is of difficult characterization, with a unique creative identity, who seeks to escape his time, moving forward or backward, in the permanent search for forms and movements that we do not yet know or have already forgotten. Curtas selected four feature films that challenge the viewer to explore and reflect, as Jordi Costa explains in the text expressly produced for Curtas, “about the fluid role of identity and time in the work of a creator who has always fought so naturally, against stereotypes, and that has even played with the self-destruction of his own prestige ”. His work has already been the subject of several retrospectives in different prestigious institutions, such as the National Gallery in Washington (2013, "Lacuesta: the artist's ruse"), the Cinémathèque Suisse (2017), Filmoteca Española (2018) and the Georges Center Pompidou, having also published the book “Le cinéma d'Isaki Lacuesta", edited by Brice Castanon and Sergi Ramos. Among other prizes, he was distinguished at the prestigious San Sebastián IFF, twice with the maximum prize (in 2011 with “Los pasos dobles ”; In 2018 with“ Entre dos aguas ”), in the Argentine Mar del Plata IFF, with “Entre dos aguas ”, and in the Mexican Guadalajara IFF, with“ Los pasos dobles ”.