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The first Curtas Vila do Conde showed 5 short films by New Zealander Jane Campion: “The Audition” (1990), “Peel” (1982), “Passionless Moments” (1983), “A Girls Own Story” (1983) and “After Hours” (1984). These were Campion’s first films, made in the early 1980s at the Australian School of Film and Television, long before achieving international success with her third feature “The Piano”. Her short films granted her some recognition and were shown on the international short film festival circuit. One of these shorts, “Peel”, was awarded the Palm d’Or for Best Short Film at Cannes. It was also with this 9 minute short that Campion laid down the style and subject matter that she would develop throughout her career. For many, the essence of Campion’s films resides in their ambiguity and in the narrative possibilities left open, which are often condensed in what is neither seen nor said.


Her work, which deals with feminism, colonialism and nationalism, is strongly characterised by focusing on issues related to the role of women in the domestic sphere.