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American independent filmmaker, Jon Jost has a long film career with almost thirty feature films, over thirty short films and works of installation, painting and writing. In addition to the prolific film work , Jost has also lived in different places all over the world , such as Lisbon , San Francisco , Ben Lomond , Los Angeles , Berlin , London , Frankfurt , Paris , Rome , New York , Portland. In recent years he has lived in Seoul, South Korea.


He made his debut in the feature film "Directly Speaking " in 1973 , but started directing films in 1963.Two of his best known works are "All the Vermeers in New York", from 1990, and "The Bed You Sleep In", from 1993 , although in 1991 the Museum of Modern Art in New York has presented a retrospective entitled "Jon Jost , Independent American". With an intense political activity since youth – he was even imprisoned for two years for refusing cooperation with the Recruitment Office - his films reflects about America and its problems.


Jost had also a retrospective at Curtas Vila do Conde - where he has been present - in 1995, with short films made ​​between the 60’s and 70’s . In the same year, Jost presented a selection of short films by other authors (as Peter Hutton and Nathaniel Dorsky ). In the text he wrote for the festival explaining why there are still good reasons to make short films, Jost wrote: "Because in a world dominated by the capital , if it happens to like cinema, short films offer a refuge and a space for this love , to see or to work . ( ... ) Because it takes poetry in film as in life."