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Kelly Reichardt at Curtas Vila do Conde 2014



The American Kelly Reichardt is one of the brand new American names of the independent cinema. Coming from the tradition of rebellion and low-cost productions, Reichardt is inspired a the New Hollywood of the 70s that has its ultimate icons in contemporary cinema, in Gus Van Sant and Todd Haynes.


With a short but relevant career, the filmmaker scrutinizes the stories of the marginalized and forgotten by the system, especially in the symbolic geography of Oregon, one of the states on the west of America and also one of the least known. This deep America is an area of small towns, fragile economy and liberal ideology of capitalism.


Kelly Reichardt was the director of In Focus of the 22nd edition of Curtas Vila do Conde, which exhibited a full retrospective of the feature films of the filmmaker. Reichardt was in Vila do Conde to present "River of Grass" (1994), "Old Joy" (2006), "Wendy & Lucy" (2008), "The Shortcut" (2010), and national ante-premiere " Night Moves "(2013).